Global College International  Welcome Program for MBA 2017 Spring

On 24 January 2017, Global College International organized the Welcome Program to its new batch of students who were enrolled in the MBA 2017 Spring. In order to provide the best experiences to the fresh students, GCI had designed a thorough plan and made full preparation for the welcome program. Patient volunteers of MBA second semester and the friendly staff members of GCI impressed the fresh students with their passionate services from meeting students at the College, registering them for the program, handing over their name tags program schedule and the schedule of their induction class and commuting them to the program venue, Park Village Resort, Budanilkantha.


The Welcome program started with the program formalization process in which Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna, principal of the College and Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya, Academic Director of GCI received the distinguished guest by offering bouquet and Khadas, and requested them to take the respective chairs.


At the outset, the program started with the lighting of the Panos by the Chief guest Mr. Karna Shakya followed by National Anthem. As the students were entering the new chapter of their lives they were inspired and guided by diverse personalities invited in the welcome program. The students also have the session for their self-introduction to make them familiar with each other. Around them as they sit down in the welcome program were the unfamiliar faces of peers from different institutions and parts of the country, each of whom has a different cultural background and set of unique viewpoints. But those faces won’t be unfamiliar for long: among them will be future friends, business partners and lifelong acquaintances, whose diverse cultures and perspectives will contribute to the mutual development of the whole batch.


The program further continued with the warm welcome form the representative of the current MBA second semester student, Ms. Aaysha Pathak and the official welcome address form principal, Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna.  After the welcome address the Chef guest of the program Mr. Karna Shakya shared his words of wisdom with the students and inspired them to be the responsible professional with the management capacity and culture. The guest of Honor of the program Prof. Dr. Ajay Sthapit also encourage the students to develop the competencies to become thoughtful and responsible managers and leaders.

Ms. Archana K.C. the graduating student of GCI was invited in the program as a guest speaker to share her experiences of 2 year’s journey in GCI. She painted the total picture of her favorite recollections of life at GCI. She highlighted her transformational learning experiences at GCI during her MBA and its relevance to real life. She provided the overview of her experiences in participating in her favorite sports, activities, outings to explore the spectacular natural beauty, industries and businesses, opportunities for social interaction, information about education and career options, how faculty members bringing in tremendous amount of diverse experiences to share in the classroom using cases, project works, and interactions.

She also shared with the new batch of students that how the students are encouraged in GCI to use their creativity by exploration, socialization and diligence in the process to realize their potentials. She explained about her experiences in student-led clubs and events, corporate interaction and guest lectures, workshops, GCI business fiesta and other different events at GCI which makes life at GCI vibrant. She also shares about humbleness she learned in serving the needy one during her volunteering work at the time of devastating earthquake during her stay at GCI which is valuable learning experience for her life.

At the end of the formal session of the program the program chair, Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya presented the objectives of the program, shared his best wishes and expectations with the new batch of students. He also expressed the instructional commitments to provide its students skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed to meet the world-scale challenges of the 21st century and appreciated the guests and the students in his vote of thanks.

In the informal session, the volunteers organized different ice breaker games and team building games to bring excitement in the program. Ms. Tejaswi Acharya, the MBA second semester student also briefed the new students about the different activities of student centers of GCI and the membership procedure to new students. At end of the program prizes were distributed for the winning groups of different games.

The new intake can look forward to a stimulating learning environment at GCI.  This two-year deep dive into career and personal development will be life changing for the students who begin their MBA at GCI.  An exciting and transformational learning experience awaits the new batch students of Global College International who just enrolled in the International MBA program of Global College International affiliated to Shinawatra University.

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Welcome Program MBA, 6th Batch, 24th Jan, 2017

24th Jan, 2017 Welcome Program MBA, 6th Batch (170)      24th Jan, 2017 Welcome Program MBA, 6th Batch (231)

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