A-level Nepal Topper in Business Studies, 2013

I never thought I would be one of the A – level students. I was not much aware of this programme either. But after passing SLC, one of my school teachers recommended me to join A- levels at GCI. Undoubtedly, since it was a new path, the starting period was full of hurdles for me. The courses that it covered took my breath away. It took some time to be familiar with A –Level and be at ease. For this, the GCI teachers and faculties proved helping hands for me boosted up my morale.

I now feel that GCI saw a possibility of being an achiever in me and helped me till the end. I succeeded as expected. A – Level studies made me believe in myself and I began to fully swing along the environment of GCI.

At last, I would like to let all who are going to start their college life in GCI know that this study will be very much inspiring and interesting for those who love acquiring knowledge, challenges and hard work.

After my S.L.C examinations, I was not sure of what I should study and where. Then I met the coordinator of Global College International and was really impressed by the college and its environment, particularly its well-qualified and experienced teachers. So, I immediately joined A-Level at GCI without a second thought. It provided me a wonderful platform for my academic and personal development. My teachers at GCI were ever ready to help satisfy the curiosity of the growing minds of the students.

The debates, speeches, presentations and quizzes helped a lot in enhancing the academic growth of the students. What is more, students are given a lot of facilities like e-library and computer labs, which give us access to a variety of scholarly journals, novels, and textbooks. All these facilities and supportive teachers have assisted me to become who I am today.

To suggest those who are thinking about joining A Level after SLC that GCI is a very right choice.

Devendra Dhital

Nepal Topper in Business Studies, 2012

interesting for those who love acquiring knowledge, challenges and hard work.