GCI Research Centre

Research is the evident way to move forward in every aspect. Being the student of management we face how important research is. Nepalese businesses and corporation lacks the pre-research for starting the venture. Investment decisions have been made based on the raw scenario or judgmental basis. This has resulted number of entrepreneurs failing in the venture they have lunched. Many migrant workers come back to Nepal and they try to start their own venture. They invest in the business that other people have succeeded in another part of the country. Without knowing the demand and supply and the prospect the investment goes in vain. They have lost of their wealth and forced to be back in the Arab world.

We lack the data in Nepal, it is because the numerous research and research culture has not be set up. At the same time the big business and corporate houses are outsourcing the research department in very high cost and proper human resources are not available in the market. As seeing these are ample of opportunities on this field and as talked earlier it is the need in the current scenario. GCI Research Center will be established to achieve following objectives through the specific programs.

Major Objectives:

  1. To be able to write research proposals
  2. To be able to conduct market research as well as policy research
  3. To build the analytical power(data analysis) and also work on the action research
  4. To be able to identical in the market as the researcher and promote the research culture prior to investment in any business made.


Proposal writing workshops: Effective proposal writing is the most important for the effective research. It is also said that the 50% of the work in the research is completed having the good proposal. Hence, the center will first take participant of the proposal writing and then will conduct the trainings by them.

Research paper presentation: College students have been doing different research. At the same time we lack the information regarding the very topic. The relevant research paper will be discussed among the students and the researcher (students) will be sharing the paper. This culture will be helpful to discuss on the findings and brainstorm about the prospect market. This will also enhance the public speaking too.

Article Review: As the student of management, the analysis quality is the most to become successful in the business world. Different article are available with us in the globalized world. This will bring the reading habit of the articles and writing the review. This culture will open up the students the door to write in national newspaper and magazine.

E-newsletter and other ideas: E-newsletter could be developed by the students in the team on the monthly basis. It will enhance the writing culture and documenting. This is also the part of branding. It would help the students to take the opportunity from now on branding and advertisement process. There could be number of ideas. Based on team, they will add or dismiss the above programs.