GCI Knowledge Centre

Knowledge center is formed for supplementing GCI’s mission to create leaders who will make difference in future business world. GCIKC (GCI Knowledge Center) will provide a platform for students to learn as well as provide opportunity to let other learn from them. The main purpose of GCIKC is knowledge building i.e., being updated with latest market trends and developing practical corporate awareness. Our center shares knowledge on major financial and economic events as well as helps to explore and learn about a variety of other disciplines that are not included in syllabus. Similarly, it also helps us prepare for future challenges by developing abilities to link or relate new concepts to those we have already learned in our academics. It emphasizes to enhance soft skills, to learn to be a team player, building leadership and networking skills for our holistic personality development.


-Motivate to learn continuously

-Enrich our knowledge and abilities i.e., strengthen knowledge base

-Share knowledge on various disciplines out of syllabus that are relevant to management student

-Provide distinct opportunities for learning, networking and socializing outside of classroom

-Help us to develop ourselves as empathetic employers with sense of social responsibilities as well

Foster creative ideas and thoughts

-Unfold day to day scenario of business

-Develop critical thinking abilities through case studies

-To understand business environment from multiple perspectives, developing problem addressing, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Functions/ Activities

  • Case Writing
  • Book Review
  • Workshop and seminar
  • Article Writing
  • Bulletins, publication
  • Inter class events (Extempore, debate, team building activities)