GCI Entrepreneurship Center

Every year over 400,000 of the young people enters the job market in Nepal. Only 10% of them are fortunate to get the job as they want. With the result, 2000 plus young people fly abroad each day searching for a better job from the international airport. Numbers of people go illegally form the borders of India.   The chunk of the youth population is of around 40% which was never been in history. This youth population could turn the whole nation into the prosperous one. Having said that, we educated young people are here in the nation that can bring the light of hope. The hope of prosperity and the hope of Nepal’s future. Entrepreneurship is the one fine way to solve the current problem. It is not the easy way out for anyone else but it isn’t impossible.  Hence, the GCI entrepreneurship center would be established to do the following objectives and the program.

Major objectives:

  1. To grow ourselves not just as the competent corporate human resource but as a leader and an entrepreneur.
  2. To learn different aspects of entrepreneurship (innovation, ideas, investment, policy, prospect market and so on)
  3. To transfer and convert the ideas into a sustainable business model.
  4. To be able to showcase the idea into a profitable model with growth, such that investors would be reluctant to invest.


Entrepreneurs Talk: Entrepreneur’s talk is a very popular model of inspiring the young people by the story of the successful entrepreneur. In the session, the entrepreneur shares how s/he started her/his venture, went through ups and downs and tackled the unfavorable situations.  The program will be conducted on a regular basis. The motive of the program is to inspire and get the idea of launching our venture too. It will also help to connect and share our idea of like-minded people in the program.

Workshops: During the journey of the entrepreneurship one faces different hurdles regarding the policy, communication, legal aspects, growth risk, and investment security and so on. In order to be competent enough different workshops will be organized on the need basis. The workshop aims to boost our confidence by enhancing the particular skills on us.

Business Idea Discussion/Presentation: There have been number of opportunities these days for the seed funding. Our ideas will be paid (grants provides) but first it needs to be of well structured. In order to have the structured and improve our own presentation skills, the business idea discussion and presentation will be conducted. This program will help us think in the 360 dimension and minimize the risks as far as possible. This will also help us in creating the growth model.

Business Idea competition: This is one of the exciting programs of all the programs. This will be the biggest program indeed. In this program different business idea of the students will be presented in front of the stake holders as well as the possible investors. This will open an avenue to the students to find the investment with their own sound and prosperous business idea. This could be done within the college students only or to the all interested to be participated in the competition.

Space for new ideas: It is not confined on above programs. The additional program or the dismissal of the above program will be decided by the students who will be in the team of the particular group. The new ideas will always be great as it bring new dimension and prospect.