Entrepreneurship Center

GCI E-Center has a plan to grow as an institution and has assembled the finest team of professionals who have internalized the corporate culture. The organizational structure has been conceived and is being put into place to support and to promote the center’s activities.

The objective of the GCI Entrepreneurship Center is,

  • To provide entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities to GCI MBA Students such that they can grow not just as the competent corporate human resource but also as a leader and an entrepreneur who creates values for the society through his/her entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • To help student in understanding different aspects of entrepreneurship and to face the real life business problems.
  • To ensure that the students are able to transform the raw business idea into a sustainable business model and can implicate the model into a successful entrepreneurial venture.
  • To help Nepalese entrepreneurs fostering their business via understanding their business, growth potentials, competitive advantage and the hindrances of their growth and offering them with the relevant business strategies for the given scenario.
  • To help entrepreneurs in getting both capital and debt funding for their entrepreneurial ventures.
  • To design, develop and deliver different Entrepreneurial Professional Courses for the students, entrepreneurs, managers and the investors.

Key Program:

The centre has planned to have strong emphasis for the next two years in the following programs that are aligned with the Centre strategic objective of entrepreneurial development and promotion.

  • Entrepreneurial Professional Course
  • Business Simulation Project
  • Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program
  • Entrepreneurial Events