Nomination Form | Inter-A Level Futsal Competition-2018

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ECA and Sports Department of GCI is proud to present Inter-A Level Futsal Competition 2018 to maintain symbiotic relation among A-level colleges and to help promote teamwork, discipline, leadership and the spirit of sportsmanship among the students. The program motivates today’s youths to take an initiative for the team building for the attainment of common goals.

It is through the different extra-curricular activities that the students of A-levels can flourish their relationship among one another. Students can find better opportunities to build a relationship and establish firm friendship among them. It can be through the participation that a feeling of brotherhood will be instilled in the participants.

 This competition has been conceived with the following major objectives:

  • To provide an innovative platform to showcase sportsmanship skill of today’s youths.
  • To facilitate students with a competitive arena, where each student seeks to achieve awareness about their potentials.
  • To teach the cohort of students, the value of team-work through coordination and common effort.
  • To build up cordial relations among A-Level colleges.
  • To promote Futsal Game.

Program Details

Level: A level

Last Date of Form Submission: February 16 (Friday), 2018

Tie Sheet Publication Date: February 18 (Sunday), 2018

Opening Ceremony: February 22, 2018

Closing Ceremony: February 23, 2018

Match Time: As per the schedule

Team Size: 5 players per team (plus 5 substitutes)

Participation: Participants Certificates

Winner Prize: Trophy, Medals, and Certificates

Title Award: Best Striker, Best Player, Best Defender and Best Goal Keeper

Entry Fee: Rs. 2000/- per Team

Championship Type: League cum Knock Out

Venue: Global College International

                                                              Ganesthan, Kamaladi, Kathmandu.


Contact Person: Prakash Chand, Asst. Coordinator:, 9865635040

Harish Bhatt, Sports Incharge:  9848724516





  1. The College must produce a copy of the player student’s ID card before the 1st game of the player for the authentication.
  2. A team shall not play with less than 5 players. Players substituted may return subject to the referee’s approval.
  3. The duration of the games shall be 7 minutes each way. 15 minutes in total with one-minute half-time break.
  4. There shall be no offside. All players on the pitch can stop/save the ball with their body and lower limbs.
  5. Substitutes may only enter the field of play at the halfway line and only when the player being replaced has left the field of play and there is a stoppage in play. The referee shall be informed of the substitution.
  6. A goal may not be scored by a direct kick from a kick-off.
  7. In an event of a tied game, a penalty shoot will be held.
  8. In the event of a tie on points, goal difference shall apply except for the 1st place; if a tie exists for the championship a deciding penalty shoot-out shall be played.
  9. The organizers may make any decision to clarify any aspect of the organization of this competition. The referee’s decision on aspects of play shall be final.
  10. The Team Managers and the Coaches are requested to be at the venue at 9:30 am on February 18 (Sunday) for the lucky draw for the preparation of the Tie Sheet.
  11. The match will be conducted on the League cum Knockout
  12. Teams must be in proper sports gear and Team Jersey.
  13. The player must be currently studying in the concerned A level college.
  14. In case of doubt, the playing team may file a case within 15 minutes of the conveyance of the match with solid evidence. Enrolment of players other than from the concerned institution will lead to disqualification of the team and the decision made by the organizing committee shall be final.
  15. For the confirmation of your participation, please submit the (Entry Form & Team Members form) by February 16, 2018 (Friday).