Message from the Academic Advisor

It gives me a great pleasure today to be with you through this small message. Let me at the outset congratulate the promoters of GCI for realizing the dream of bringing Shinawatra University (SIU), Thailand MBA program in Nepal which took almost two years of continuous efforts. Needless to say, this is a moment of great joy and satisfaction in the life of GCI and in the life of Nepalese people as a whole. With the approval of Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal, the first batch of SIU MBA has already been admitted in August 2014 which marks the history by itself. A good beginning itself is like winning a half of the battle.academic-adviser

The SIU MBA Program is the first of its kind not only in Nepal but in the whole of South Asia by itself. GCI is the only college in Nepal which has a privilege of conducting this SIU MBA Program in the whole of South Asia. This MBA program can be treated as the most modern since it contains the most modern type of management courses and many of which are taught by international faculties.

GCI intends to produce manpower which is academically and practically sound. The college has a long and distinguished journey to undertake in future and the students are the central focus of this journey. The college has yet to achieve pre-eminence among the business schools in the country for which I call upon the commitment and sincere efforts of all the concerned.

As New Year 2015 marks the history, GCI will have the second batch of SIU MBA. The path is new like ever before, the challenges are formidable and the outcomes are uncertain. But our resolve is strong and our goals are clear. Wisdom today lies in learning. GCI is committed to promote value system conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence, as well as concern for social equity. GCI is involved in promoting creativity, innovation and enterprise and will soon emerge as one of the major players in providing quality management education in the country.

With these few words, I would like to conclude this message. I hope, SIU MBA will fulfil the needs of quality manpower in the field of management.

With best wishes,

Prof. Radheshyam Pradhan, PhD

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