2nd March, 2017  Guest Speak by Mr. Sunil Chitrakar (2)

MBA – Second Semester students of GCI attended the Session from Guest Speaker Mr. Sunil Chitrakar

Prof. Dr. Sushil Bhakta Mathama, Faculty Member of Global College International have invited dynamic personality Mr. Sunil Chitrakar, Vice president of Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal to share his experiences with MBA II semester students of GCI regarding the leadership and team building for promoting local enterprises.
Mr. Chitrakar is trained in enterprise development, women entrepreneurship and Fair Trade presently working at Mahaguthi as CEO. He has diverse interest in small business management, entrepreneurship development, capacity building.
The guest speaker has long experience in working with Mahaguthi and promoting the vision of Tulshi Mehar a follower of Ghandi. Mahaguthi a non-profit and non-government organization working to promote crafts and micro enterprises with a mission of keeping fairness in heart and mind and professionalism on hands. It is working with more than 150 individual craft producers and groups around the country. As being a part of NCPGSM it contributes its profit for rehabilitation center i.e. Tulshi Mehar Mahila Ashram (TMMA) to run training and rehabilitation activities. Being the founder member of Fair Trade Group Nepal, it practices, promotes and advocates fair trade at National, Regional and International arena.
The guest speaker presented on business model; a plan for the successful operation of a business, identifying sources of revenue, the intended customer base, products, and details of financing. He also presented on the Fair trade and promotion of micro enterprises as well as small and cottage industries and its prospects in Nepal.