Message From The Academic Director

I wish to thank all of you for showing interest in Global College International for Degree in Management from Shinawatra University of Thailand.

We always try to stand out from the crowd in the field of management education with world renowned academics and industry leaders as a resource professional for shaping the career of the students in the field of  management.

Every day is a new day to begin new learning and share the new ideas in the class rooms, in seminar hall or in the workshops and in project works that we conduct with the students.

I look forward to welcoming all enthusiasts to this learning abode where success towards perfection and boundless opportunities prevail.

Modules that we follow is to simulate real-world experiences in real time to identify, develop and practice key skills that can contribute to a successful managerial career including, handling conflict in groups, managing group dynamics, assertiveness, facilitation, critical reasoning and argument building, which will help to be an Executive to take on the responsibilities as a global leadership. This is a key element of the theory-practice-theory relationship that we establish in the college.

Prof Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya

Academic Director