Message from the College Chairman

Established back in the year 2009 now within the corporate structure of Professional Educators Limited, GCI has undertaken considerable responsibility and responded to the country’s emerging needs of competent human resources by running national and international University-affiliated management programs. The academic programs currently in operation at GCI have been regularly amended upon the raised standard of learning by research modules and are highly appreciated by Nepalese youth for the bench mark the college has successfully set through quality outcomes.

Extending on its outstanding history, I am once again delighted to make it a public message that Global College International (GCI) has added another milestone by adding MBA-Evening launched in line with BBA and MBA affiliated to Mid-Western University (MWU), Nepal. This latest collaboration and academic extension of GCI with MWU through MBA-Evening is anticipated to add on a new dimension of its rich academic legacy which realistically must benefit the learning communities of youth and business sectors whose aspirations of competent human resources have been increasingly higher in the light of the persistently increasing national and international competitions succeeding on Nepal’s new business milieu.

The MBA-Evening at GCI is conceptualized on a collaborative frame of study and hence, is expected to provide an integrated set of learning opportunities for students interested to developing skills necessary to effectively participate in and also manage the modern and prosperous organizations of leading profile. The new launch has large scope to making these commitments come true for each progressive individual seeking to gear a sound career prospect through study combined with job and work. We are fully committed towards the mission to creating conducive environment that will nurture and develop young minds into capable and deeply motivated human capital and my utter efforts from the chair of the college are solely out into making our academic legacy come true in delivering quality education in an all-inclusive way. Without hesitation, I am privileged to express that GCI team of nationally and internationally known faculties and professional academicians with track-record in their respective area, are fully capable to assure you with knowledge, skill, responsibility, discipline and commitment – the five pillars of success. I believe, it is possible only through hard, caring and dedicated efforts of all students, teachers, guardians and parents, management and the community, and we make our pledges on the strength of these very assets that GCI has successfully construed in reality. The college team is highly encouraged to promote interactions with all stakeholders to realize our common ends. This institution is all yours and your participation and cooperation will help realize the goals of developing human resources to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. I welcome all career-oriented members to join hands in shaping your better future.

Khagendra P. Ojha, PhD

Chairman of the College