Evaluation System

At GCI, a student’s performance in a course is evaluated internally by the concerned faculty and externally by the Office of the Dean, MWU. Students are required to take the semester-end exams on the subjects enrolled. The courses are divided on the scheme of a 60% weight through internal ongoing evaluation and a 40% weight on the external exams. The college also evaluates the Internship, Seminars, Practicum, and Projects undertaken by each student endorsed as the core parts of GCI MBA-Evening in affiliation to MWU.

The pass mark in each course is minimum Grade of B or GPA of 3.0 (60 percent) that a student must secure at the end of the program. Students who fail to qualify and thereby not able to get-through the semester-end examinations shall have to reregister and retake the course as and when offered by the college. Students who qualify through, yet fail to appear in the semester-end exams or fail in the semester-end exams, can appear in the make-up exams usually offered along the semester cycle. To qualify for an Honour Degree students must pass all subjects with a cumulative GPA of 3.80 or higher, and never has grade below B.