Course Delivery

MWU MBA-Evening at GCI is delivered with an exclusive emphasis on student active participation and involvement on learning by doing as one of the constituents of learning in team and collaborative-action model rather than passively receiving the course delivered on teaching information through texts or conventionally confined bookish sources. We adopt teaching methods on facilitating students upon autonomously engaged patterns of problem-solving tasks integrated within the design as based on concept of learning in construction that helps acquiring knowledge through first-hand experience. Meeting the criteria as sought several approaches are blended upon the foundations that comprise:

  • Lecture and guest lectures
  • Group discussions and presentations;
  • Experiential Learning with Field Visits;
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Class-based Role Plays and Projects

On the architects of the foundational delivery patterns as outlined, all through the two and half-year program of MBA Evening, GCI students are motivated to define, embark on their research potentials, analyze problems, issues, explore and evaluate options and make decision. Lectures, oral presentations, and a number of emergent teaching methods like role plays, classroom exercises, debates, entrepreneur internships, refresher programs, events management etc. are employed to complement the case methods, experiential, active learning and projects.