Academic Approach

GCI emphasizes a need to continually learn in this rapidly changing world because knowledge becomes obsolete as reality changes and the ability to work, lead, follow and understand the world can only be enhanced in the process of teaching and learning not limited to acquisition of knowledge alone. Upon realizing the existing changes, teaching and learning approach at GCI is implemented on the philosophy of cooperative learning embraced on the principles and values of learning autonomy and self-initiative actions as the basic criteria to attaining experiential and professional skills of management and leadership goals of MBA-Evening course as designed by MWU.

On its updated model, GCI employs a number of innovative instructional strategies and models in combination of principled techniques of management curriculum. A few prominent approaches and procedures of teaching and learning at GCI consist of tutorials, seminars, presentations and discussions, jigsaws, internships, study-visits, projects, experiential and interaction programs, talk shows and video-conferencing, case studies and more… which are aligned with the regular classroom activities, and lecture sessions as facilitated by the faculty members. The faculties are authorized to assign in and beyond class group and individual projects as a part of internal evaluation and assessment of individual student progress.

Work in team and groups is encouraged to learning by solving problems which are topic based as relevant to management for the students to actively unfold solutions using analytical, survey, literature review, research strategies. Following are the highlights of some prominent steps of learning approach at GCI:

Project Work

Project at GCI is a core activity assigned for individuals and in groups. It is aligned with the research and inquiry method and is based on the goal of enhancing in students exploring, analytical, interpretative, descriptive skills finally accomplished by presentations in the mass evaluated by individual faculty and board members. Faculty members assign project on different subject areas of management that consist finance, banking, insurance, industries, corporate businesses, enterprises…

Case Study

At GCI, Case Study is a major instructional strategy and is formed on the principle of learning by unique examples which goes beyond imitating-learning in which students are merely engaged on replicating things for granted. Instead, GCI emphasizes Case Study on learning analytical skills employed actively in team or individual actions of dealing with problems the cases exemplify. Students are assigned case studies of business organizations as individual projects on completion of the semester course through classroom practices in partial fulfilment of the internal assessment for the degree of MWU MBA-Evening. Thus, Case Study at GCI is a compulsory assignment and is not substituted.

Seminars and Conferences

GCI MBA-Evening students through lecture sessions get assigned seminar topics by the concerned faculty as relevant to the subjects on business management e.g. marketing, accounting, finance, HR etc. to write the term papers and prepare materials for seminar presentation using the latest digital technologies in valid acceptable format. The seminar presentation is also a part of internal assessment for the degree and is mandatory for an MBA incumbent to comply with the schedule and assignment modalities. GCI organizes management focused international conferences inviting national and international professors, celebrities and experts as guest and keynote-speakers, panel facilitators, chairs and paper presenters. GCI students are encouraged to attend these events as active participants.


The MWU MBA-Evening students at GCI are deputed to internship programs shaped on the scheme of experiential learning and undertake this activity in different corporate businesses, banks and financial institutions during over the period of final semester. The internship is accredited as in the main course given to each individual student. Students can complete internship in the company of their existing employment or can choose to take the one college arranges.

Research Work

MBA-Evening students at GCI are assigned to research by the concerned faculties on the area or topics relevant to management studies. It is a group and also individual undertaking and major is aligned to supporting thesis writing for the marking in order to acquire final accreditation for the degree on being successful through entire evaluation procedure.

Field Visits

Integrated with other core teaching learning approaches and on completion of theoretical parts relevant to business research, MBA-Evening students get an opportunity for field visits and these comprise visits of different business sectors as follow up practical and real-life learning assignments. Apart from company and institutional surveys that MBA-Evening students undertake in groups as a part of field visit, GCI organizes field visits of organizations and industrial areas within and beyond Kathmandu valley. Students facilitated by the teaching faculties involve on literature review, data collection, data analysis, report making and presentations of reports upon field visits in academically acceptable framework. Industrial sector such as cement factories, jute and cottage industries, food and beverage industries and more as well as institutional sector such as banks, academic institutions, old age homes and asylums and many more are selected for the field visit project.

Social Work

Defined as an essential humanitarian component and integral skill associated to learning profession, social work at GCI is an event-based program. It is organized to enhance in students’ value of altruism and social services. On this part, GCI students are mobilized to collect fund or resources for aid upon crises which is normally extended to the communities, individuals in risks; facing natural catastrophes or else. Students volunteer in social work and it takes place on several occasions as and when occurred.


MWU MBA at GCI is two and half year academic course formed as a foundation for the upcoming professions in the area of business management. It therefore, holds abundant theoretical and practical significance that must promote real life learning. On this very consequence, thesis is assigned to students at the end of final semester and it is presented for the research each individual student carries out in the business and management sector on different areas and topics as agreed upon by the college academic board. It covers the value equivalent to 4 credits of MBA degree.