MBA Evening

MBA-Evening at GCI is affiliated to Mid-Western University (MWU) established in 2010 and is a pioneering program in Nepal. Constituted in the incorporation of diverse functional skills of management also intertwined with other interdisciplinary subject and professional competences of practical significance, MBA-Evening at GCI is launched to respond to the current and emerging need of business, corporate world and also responds the need of the Government entities. The program asserts the disciplinary magnitude that MWU incepted and has been formed to instill in scholarly youth managerial competence and acumen for a successful career of leading managers and entrepreneurs who make a difference in changing the local and global society with professional quality and advance human understanding for all-good.

The MWU MBA-Evening is envisioned to emerge as a leading management program which emphasizes to acquire state-of-the-art management knowledge and business enhancement techniques as honed through practical measures and application-oriented learning strategies in the academically set mentoring environment. Students would be able to develop analytical and creative ability to diagnose situations and address them in a more rational way in the context of changing environment; and would be able to apply and integrate management concepts and skills to local situations with global perspectives and further, develop specialization in one functional management discipline; and hence would demonstrate professional values, behaviors, and skills in managing organizations successfully.