Maths Olympiad 2017

“If I feel unhappy, I do mathematics to become happy. If I am happy, I do mathematics to keep happy.”

Alfred Renyi

GCI organized Maths Olympiad on November 1, 2017 in the seminar hall of the college. Emphasis was placed on learning topics in mathematics that required excellent critical thinking skills, such as number theory, probability, counting techniques and others. The Olympiad was conducted in the presence of the judges Mr. Suraj Baral and Mr. Giriraj Paneru. Rules were acquainted to the students at the same part of time.
All of the members of the team were quite intelligent. However,the first position was secured by Team F ( Gaurav Shah, Ayush Adhikari, Navraj Maskey); the second position was secured by Team B ( Ritika Sedhai, Sulav Bista, Youbesh Dhaubadel) and the third Position was secured by Team A (Apurba Upreti, Sabal Bohara, Chirag Dhakal) Respectively.
Mr. Suraj Baral Coordinator of the college ended the Olympiad with final speech and gave away the medals and certificates by offering congratulations to the position holders.