Journalism Club

This club facilitate and enhance students’ research and publication capabilities, argument analyses and presentation, and creative and literary interests. These co-curricular activities conducted on regular intervals make sure that students become the active and avid learners by doing things on their own rather than being just a passive receiver of theoretical knowledge. In short, classroom teaching is put into practice through these activities.


Members of GCI Journalism Club

  1. Samip Pokhrel (A2) (PRESIDENT)
  2. Biraj Bakhati (A2) (VICE PRESIDENT)
  3. Samir Karn (AS) (TREASURER)
  4. Ubbit Regmi (A2) (SECRETARY)
  5. Aayush Shahi (A2)
  6. Anjal Sharma (A2)
  7. Devesh Basnet (A2)
  8. Kristina Tripathi (A2)
  9.  Shishir Basnet (A2)
  10. Suprina Shrestha (A2)
  11. Abhishek Basnet (AS)
  12. Ajar Maharjan (AS)
  13. Amrit Budhathoki (AS)
  14. Nischal Acharya (AS)
  15. Pranuj Lal Shrestha (AS)
  16. Rohan Bhusal (AS)
  17. Shovan Raj Joshi (AS)