Induction Session BHM/BTTM 2019 Batch

A) The induction program is an important component of academic activities where the experts from the field of tourism and hospitality share their experiences and expertise to the newly enrolled students. It helps students to understand the industry better as the experts represent the various segment of tourism industry.
There will be two sessions each day, conducted by two different experts. To appreciate the knowledge and life-earned expertise of the guest speakers, students are informed to follow the below mentioned rules.
-Induction session will take place on 17, 19, 21, 24 and 26 November 2019 at Global College International premises from 06:45 to 11:00 am.
-You should be seated in the seminar hall situated in the top floor of the academic block lately by 06:45 am. So you should reach the college by 06:30. The second session starts at 09:00 am.
-Decent outfit and personal grooming are the key assets of a students. So maintain this all the times. Shorts, slippers, sandals, jogging trousers, head gears, grunge pants are not accepted.
-Your attendance/registration is a must as it contributes to the total attendance percentage. 
-Light refreshments (tea, cookies) will be served at the canteen in front of the academic block, between two sessions.
-You are not allowed to leave or enter inside the hall during the sessions.
-You can ask questions at the end of each session, and the questions should be relevant to the topic of the session.
-Maintaining silence at all the times inside the hall is expected. 
-Group photo will be taken at the end of each session, on the ground.
B) Any issues related to uniform (alteration, collection or measurement can be done on 17 November after 10:30 am.
C) Any issues related to IT should be dealt with the IT section situated in the first floor.
D) For miscellaneous issues, contact BHM/BTTM program office.