Induction Class for MBA 2017 Spring Batch  Day 8: Contemporary Global Issues  Resource Person: Dr. Tilak Rawal

Global College International had the privilege of hosting Dr. Tilak Rawal, former governor of Nepal Rastra Bank and former Constituent Assembly Member to share his thoughts and experiences on the topic ‘Contemporary Global Issues’ in the induction program for MBA 2017 spring batch on February 02, 2017.

In his session, Dr. Rawal discussed on the ways in which ecological, social and economic factors interact to create threats and possibilities. Moreover, he also discussed the varying ways in which these aspects manifest themselves in different parts of the globe.

The resource person highlighted the increasing interdependence of global economy. He also provided several examples of social, economic, political, environmental, and other issues and problems originating in one part of the world often have far-reaching ramifications in other parts of the world. He also enthused that, if students are to acquire understanding of such issues, they must attain both global and multidisciplinary perspectives.

He also discussed and presented analysis on contemporary global issues, such as migration, urbanization, environmental change and explained social, economic, political and environmental implications.                                                             

The session was helpful at creating a deep and wide understanding of how various global

trends will impact upon economies, organizations and from there the practice of

management. The newly enrolled MBA sixth batch students of Global College International had an opportunity to learn from Dr. Rawal on various global trends.

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