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Induction Class for MBA 2017 Spring Batch Day 6: Being a Management Student Resource Person: Mr. Sohan Babu Khatri

On February 01, 2017, the sixth day of the induction program, Mr. Sohan Babu Khatri, CEO of Three H Management, a well-known management consultant with experience ranging across the cross-section of industries and sectors in Nepal as corporate business consultant, researcher and program designer stimulated the newly enrolled students of GCI – MBA sixth batch with his session on “Being a Management Student”.

The resource person at the beginning of the session encouraged the participates to put practical, thought-provoking questions in which they want to have discussion during the session. By taking time to engage the participants in this process of thoughtful inquiry, Mr. Khatri identified the agendas for his session in which the participants were intended to get a better handle on their most elusive, challenging, and indispensable difficulties.

There are many “issues” commonly experienced by students in College that can sometimes pose major challenges to study, play, socializing, and living. Mr. Sohan Babu Khatri in his session identified, described, and provided suggestions to GCI – MBA students for exploring and managing them.

During the session, Mr. Khatri shared his own story of defining moment in his academic journey where he was challenged in a deeper way to choose between two ideal career choices both with the premium opportunity cost. His decision to commit to peruse MBA was irreversible course of action that shaped his professional identity today as a prominent management consultant was most inspirational to the participants.

Beginning an academic journey as MBA students in GCI naturally generates both excitement and anxiety for many reasons including the move, academic responsibilities, and meeting new challenges and opportunities. For some, this apprehension is quickly overcome as they adapt to a new environment; for others, the transition takes longer. To help students put things in right perspective, the resource person Mr. Khatri put light on the challenges and opportunity of being a management student.

Additionally, he emphasized on the importance of interpersonal skills for MBA students to communicate more effectively, improve the ability to work in a team and develop leadership quality. He also stressed in the importance of attitude toward learning is as important as aptitude. At the end, the resource person inspired the students to have passion, dedication, and genuine interest in expanding their intellectual horizons focusing on the character building process. He also highlighted the fact that what we make of an experience matters, not simply the experience itself.

Induction Class_MBA 2017 Spring_6th Batch

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