GCI Management Fiesta 2018


GCI Fiesta 2018 begins today!
With a slogan of Exploring Yourself with GCI Management Fiesta 2018, Global College International (GCI) launched its annual program from today i.e. 20th July. The program was inaugurated by the Professor Dr. Madhav Raj Koirala, Tribhuwan University. Speaking at the program Prof. Dr. Koirala encouraged students and thanked the college for focusing on the enhancing of soft skills of students for their successful career. Likewise, Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna, Principal of GCI has inspired students to get participation on the event and highlight the significance of annual event at GCI. He has through insights on dynamic market need which is diversion though of such an intellectual event. Similarly, Professor Dr. Subarna Raj Bajrachariya, Academic Director of the college, emphasis on the essence of communication skill, team building skill, leadership quality and people’s handling skills to the management skills.
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