GCI Library

Each student using the resources available in the college library must be aware of, and comply with library policies of the College.

Research and learning focus:

➢ Library spaces and facilities are provided for educational purposes of the College and specifically for academic research study and support, not for business, personal or recreational use such as gaming or entertainment.

Use of Computers during periods of high demand:

➢ Time restrictions may be placed on computer use during periods of high demand.

➢ Users may be asked to make the computer available within 15 minutes if their activities are not related to the College’s academic study and research.

Personal behavior:

➢ The aim in the library is to create and maintain a positive and productive learning environment in which all persons treat each other with respect.

➢ A person who exhibits disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be required to leave and may be banned from using these facilities for a further period.

➢ Those who take away books from library knowingly or unknowingly will be monitored under the surveillance of C.C.T.V.

➢ All users must vacate the Library by closing time; a reminder will be given 15 minutes before the notified closing time.

Respect for Library material:

➢ Each user must treat Library material with care.

➢ Damage to or defacement of any Library material is considered a serious disciplinary offence.

➢ Reference books, journals, magazine and newspapers cannot be borrowed from the library.

ID cards:

➢ A valid College ID card must be presented at lending desk in library for specific services and transactions such as using computers or borrowing books or other study facilities.

➢ Student should deposit his/her College Identity Card to select books from the rack and should keep in proper place after use.

➢ In case of loss of student ID s/he should immediately inform at the College administration. There will be charge of Rs. 200/ per card and student will get new ones.

➢ A member is not permitted to allow their ID card to be used by any other person to borrow library material.

Discussion and quiet areas:

➢ Making noise inside the library is strictly prohibited.

➢ Audible use of electronic devices is not permitted in a library.

Personal belongings:

➢ Personal belongings are the responsibility of the owner.

➢ Only authorized persons may remove personal belongings, and the College is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings that are left unattended or removed.

➢ Personal Belongings such as bags, over coat, folder and umbrella etc. should be kept just outside the library.

Food and drink:

➢ No food or drink is permitted in library.

Fines and Sanctions:

➢ Students are eligible to borrow THREE books (Master’s students) and TWO books (A level and Bachelor’s students) for 14 days.

➢ Faculties are eligible to borrow THREE books for 20 days and staff are eligible to borrow ONE book for 14 days.

➢ Students who fail to return books on time have to pay library fine Rs: 10/ (ten rupees) per day.

➢ Books may be renewed for 7 additional days unless another borrower has requested the same item.

➢ The librarian may recall the book at any time and the member shall return the same immediately. Borrowing privileges are suspended if a recalled item is not returned by the recall due date. In addition, Rs. 20 per day per item fine is charged upon failing to return on the recall due date.

➢ Any borrower with fees or fines outstanding in excess of the outstanding fees limit will not be allowed to borrow until the outstanding fees or fines have been paid.

➢ Students are to replace new book for any damage or loss of the book.