Faculty Workshop 2020

Global College International (GCI) is steady on its academic journey of learning.
Global College International Organized the Faculty workshop attended by the college president Prof.Dr. Pushkar Bajracharya, The principal Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna,The program directors of MBA/MBA-Evening and coordinators of Bachelors programs (BBA,BHM,BTTM) and their respective faculty members today. The workshop was chaired by the college president Prof.Dr. Pushkar Bajracharya. The principal of GCI Dr.Karan Singh Thagunna welcomed the faculty and the participants of the program. The principal informed the participants of GCI’s past, present and future.
Dr. Thagunna emphasized on the effective implementation of all policies and SOPs set for all programs at GCI for academic excellence that the college is committed for. Dr. Subash Shrestha the program director of MBA described internal systems and features also linking assessments as well as faculties part for the effective implementation of pedagogy which is for better performance and students happiness.
Prof. Pushkar Bajracharya contributed a full session on pedagogy at GCI linking 21st century pedagogy for management. Professor Bajracharya oriented faculties on how to implement case study, project and practical learning within and beyond classroom at GCI. With the integrated approach Professor Bajracharya said all programs at Global College can eventually bring out best results not only in exams but also in students skills enhancement.
The session was followed by interaction among the faculties in a direction to solving encountered problems in general classrooms situation. Dr.Dev Raj Paneru the MBA Evening program director concluded the session with thanks to all the faculties and staffs.