Examination Policy

According to the Examination Policy of Global College International (GCI), students are requested to adhere with all the rules and regulations.

The students failing to follow the policy means the violation of rules and regulation and leads to the disciplinary action:

The policy are as follows:

Materials Permitted in the Examination Room

  1. A candidate must not bring to an examination any paper (written or blank) except by direction of the examiner.
  2. All materials not approved for use in the examination must be left in such part of the room as the invigilator/supervisor directs.
  3. Students are not permitted to have in their possession in the examination room any other electronic device and/or mobile technology. Medically prescribed devices are permitted.
  4. Any item not permitted in an examination room that is found in the possession of a student will be removed for the duration of the examination and a fine of Rs. 500 will apply.
  5. You must have a valid admit card which should be shown on entry to the exam. Your admit card must be on your desk throughout the exam.
  6. If you do not have your admit card, you will sent to Finance Department to have one.

Failing the Examinations

  1. 100% pass result in the term examination for each subject is mandatory for all to qualify to appear for the University Semester End Exams.
  2. The College Administration will reschedule re-exam for subjects failed in the Mid-Term, hence, concerned ones are instructed to contact the respective program office for the administrative support. A candidate will be charged Rs. 500 per subject (administrative, marking, question setting services) in order to sit in the re-exam.
  3. If a candidate has failed even after appearing the re- exams, this will automatically lead to Not Qualified (NQ) for the University Semester Exams. This in turn will also lead to automatic discontinuation from the college register.
  4. Stipend/scholarships facility will be pended for the candidates in scholarship criteria if failed in term exam as well as the University Semester End Exams consecutively.
  5. Since failure on students part to comply with the listed criteria, will lead to administrative actions, all the concerned students are timely suggested to fit in for better result through the further academic endeavors.

Missed Examinations

  1. Term exams are mandatory to be taken by all the students (exception shall be granted on the medical and bereavement cases only).
  2. Students will not be allowed to enter in the examination hall after 30 minutes of commencement of examination.
  3. Students shall be awarded NQ if he/she misses Mid-term exams without the pre-approval (written) from the Coordinators office.
  4. An application for missed examination may be made by candidates who have been prevented from being present at an examination or who consider that their preparation for or performance in an examination has been seriously impaired by temporary illness or injury or exceptional circumstances beyond their control.
  5. The application must be submitted to the Program office within one week of the date that the examination affected took place, or if more than one examination has been affected, then within one week of the last of those examinations.
  6. In case of illness or injury, a doctor must state when candidate is seen. This should be on the day of the examination, or if this is not possible, on the day before or the day after.
  7. For other personal misfortune, such as family illness, bereavement, or family issues, the evidence will depend on your circumstances. The following guidelines may help you decide what is required.
  8. Medical evidence, with specific dates, for illness of family member
  9. Death notice for death of family member
  10. Evidence of flight/bus ticket dates if travel is required to attend a funeral
  11. Police report for theft of belongings etc.