THE GLOZYNE TIMES, Vol-IV, Year 4- The Annual College Magazine of GCI

THE GLOZYNE TIMES- The Annual College Magazine of GCI, is an assortment of varied spectrum encompassing life experiences, well exposure in reading and writing literary field, ingenuity, imagination, art, social deeds, fun and entertainment in learning practical things which we feel is the spark of madness or creativity that we Globalians have! It gives us immense gratification when we look at this consummated work, rather a rollercoaster, a joyride and to present to you, the fruit of our endeavour.


GLOZYNE, Volume 2, Issue-2, March 2017

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It gives me immense pleasure to put a few words in the second edition of GLOZYNE, exclusively meant for stimulating the latent writing talents which bears immense potentiality of sharpening the communication skill as a part of overall personality development. With a unique vision and an outstanding approach, GCI has been successfully accomplished some of the notable curricular and co-curricular activities such as participation in the International academic seminar, USA, student exchange program, India and students educational tour to India. Likewise, organizing as many as 45 CCA/ECA events has enormously emphasized the comprehensive learning at GCI. With a view to understanding that the flow of knowledge is immense, I am delighted to share that our students have extended their academic horizon participating in different intra- college as well as inter- college activities. I really appreciate the exciting event, an ‘Inter-A level speech competition’ which has become a spectacular event for the year. GCI students’ Club activities are commendable attempts that help the students to explore their inner potentialities. I believe, Glozyne, as a whole, reflects the academia of the GCI family. I sincerely value the great efforts made by the Editorial board to bring this magazine up to this level. I would like to congratulate my dear students, teachers and other concerned staff for their support and cooperation for fetching out this Second Edition of Annual Magazine ‘Glozyne’

Thank You

Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna, Principal

GLOZYNE, Volume-1, Issue-1, March 2016

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It is with immense pleasure that GLOZYNE is finally translated into reality featuring various articles and many more from our beloved students, valued teachers and members of staff. Guided by the principle of “preparing to become the global citizen”, Global College International (GCI) has embarked a new avenue for learners and teachers to showcase their potentials to creativity through various genres of languages in this most awaited annual magazine of the college. It is because of the collective efforts of all that excellence – be it in academics or extra-curricular or intramural activities.

With a view to understanding that the flow of knowledge is immense, it is up to us how much we get out of it and benefit ourselves. I strongly believe that GLOZYNE shall cascade the flow of knowledge and benefit the readers equally. It is high time for students and teachers to be resourceful and creative to survive in this competitive era. Encouraging participation of the GCI A-level family into making this magazine is highly commendable and
I appreciate each and every write-up for being unique and creative. It shows that our students and teachers are creating a niche for many young writers.

I am fully aware of the hard work of the editorial board in putting the creative write-ups into the final shape. I would like to congratulate my dear students and teachers on being able to produce this first edition of the magazine at the arrival of the new year.

Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna, Principal