Examination Policy

According to the Examination Policy of Global College International (GCI), students are requested to adhere with all the rules and regulations.

The students failing to follow the policy means the violation of rules and regulation and leads to the disciplinary action:

The policy are as follows:

Materials Permitted in the Examination Room

  1. A candidate must not bring to an examination any paper (written or blank) except by direction of the examiner.
  2. All materials not approved for use in the examination must be left in such part of the room as the invigilator/supervisor directs.
  3. Students are not permitted to have in their possession in the examination room any other electronic device and/or mobile technology. Medically prescribed devices are permitted.
  4. Any item not permitted in an examination room that is found in the possession of a student will be removed for the duration of the examination and a fine of Rs. 500 will apply.
  5. You must have a valid admit card which should be shown on entry to the exam. Your admit card must be on your desk throughout the exam.
  6. If you do not have your admit card, you will sent to Finance Department to have one.

Failing the Examinations

  1. 100% pass result in the term examination for each subject is mandatory for all to qualify to appear for the University Semester End Exams.
  2. The College Administration will reschedule re-exam for subjects failed in the Mid-Term, hence, concerned ones are instructed to contact the respective program office for the administrative support. A candidate will be charged Rs. 500 per subject (administrative, marking, question setting services) in order to sit in the re-exam.
  3. If a candidate has failed even after appearing the re- exams, this will automatically lead to Not Qualified (NQ) for the University Semester Exams. This in turn will also lead to automatic discontinuation from the college register.
  4. Stipend/scholarships facility will be pended for the candidates in scholarship criteria if failed in term exam as well as the University Semester End Exams consecutively.
  5. Since failure on students part to comply with the listed criteria, will lead to administrative actions, all the concerned students are timely suggested to fit in for better result through the further academic endeavors.

Missed Examinations

  1. Term exams are mandatory to be taken by all the students (exception shall be granted on the medical and bereavement cases only).
  2. Students will not be allowed to enter in the examination hall after 30 minutes of commencement of examination.
  3. Students shall be awarded NQ if he/she misses Mid-term exams without the pre-approval (written) from the Coordinators office.
  4. An application for missed examination may be made by candidates who have been prevented from being present at an examination or who consider that their preparation for or performance in an examination has been seriously impaired by temporary illness or injury or exceptional circumstances beyond their control.
  5. The application must be submitted to the Program office within one week of the date that the examination affected took place, or if more than one examination has been affected, then within one week of the last of those examinations.
  6. In case of illness or injury, a doctor must state when candidate is seen. This should be on the day of the examination, or if this is not possible, on the day before or the day after.
  7. For other personal misfortune, such as family illness, bereavement, or family issues, the evidence will depend on your circumstances. The following guidelines may help you decide what is required.
  8. Medical evidence, with specific dates, for illness of family member
  9. Death notice for death of family member
  10. Evidence of flight/bus ticket dates if travel is required to attend a funeral
  11. Police report for theft of belongings etc.

Induction Session I Speaker Profile


Name                    :               Suman Pandey

Education            :             Bachelor of Arts

Occupation         :               Tourism Entrepreneur

Main Company :               Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure

Industry Leaderships:

Chairman Outbound– PATA Nepal Chapter Chairman-PATA Nepal Chapter (2013-2018) Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is an international organization established back in 1953, to unfold the exotic tourism destinations in the Pacific regions. Today almost 50 different chapters of PATA all over the world are associated with Global PATA. PATA Nepal Chapter has been the member of this global organization PATA and playing an instrumental role in promoting Nepali Tourism since 1975. www.pata.org.np  
Member – “Think Tank” of Nepali Tourism appointed by The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA), 2018 The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) formed a “Think-Tank” comprising of 49 tourism and civil aviation experts on May 4, 2018. The group is working to identify the opportunities and address the challenges in the field of Nepali Tourism.  

Professional Involvements:

President – Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure (Since 1997) Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure is an iconic Adventure Travel Company based in Nepal offering diverse range of activities in the Himalayas since 1996. It operates Trekking, Mountaineering, Mountain Biking, Wildlife Safari, Skydiving, Motor Biking and other innovative adventure activities in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan. www.explorehimalaya.com
CEO – Summit Helicopters (Since 2007) Summit Helicopter, previously known as Fishtail Air, is an airline operating helicopter services in Nepal. It specializes in High Altitude Rescue Operations, Medical Evacuation, Heli-Tours, ferrying heavy and sensitive equipment and Trans-border flights to Bhutan and India. Widely known as a well-resourced helicopter company, Summit Helicopters is looking forward to professional excellence and innovation in Nepali sky. www.fishtailair.com
Director – Summit Air(Since 2011) Summit Air is an airline company specializing in short takeoff and landing (STOL) operation. With efficient flight crew, engineering team and the state of art equipment, Summit Air has been successful in establishing itself as the most sought after STOL operator in Nepal. It is also the first operator in Nepal to introduce factory New STOL Aircraft after a long gap of 40 years.  https://summitair.com.np/
Director – Chhaya Centre (Since 2011) Chhaya Center is a multi-use mega complex situated at the heart of Thamel. Spread over 14 ropanies, the 14 floored building comprises of 250 shopping outlets, a 170-room world class hotel, 7 restaurants, 3 cinema halls, discotheque and a spacious parking lot with capacity of 350 vehicles. With the tagline “Thamel within Thamel”, the complex is targeted to high-end tourists and middle/upper-middle income groups of the country. http://www.chhayacenter.com/
Director – Aloft Kathmandu Hotel (Since 2019) Aloft Kathmandu, a Marriott franchise, is the first 5 star hotel in Thamel, Kathmandu. Located at the heart of the tourism hub of Nepal and just minutes away from UNSECO heritage sites, the hotel is truly a premium center of hospitality that blends local and global experience. With its exquisite range of services, Aloft caters to every need of today’s travellers. The hotel is based in the mega complex of Chhaya Center.  https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ktmal-aloft-kathmandu-thamel/
President – Everest Skydive (Since 2008) Everest Skydive Pvt Ltd is an extreme adventure company operating skydives in Everest and Annapurna regions. It the first  and only company to operate skydiving in Nepal where people jump  from the height of 29500 ft in front of Mt. Everest at the world’s highest drop zone at Syangboche, 12340 ft. www.everest-skydive.com
President – Explore Himalaya Travel (Since 1998) Explore Himalaya mainly deals on Flight Tickets and other components related to Travel. Besides, it also partners with different companies and organizations to bring out new forms of packages in Nepali market including Corporate Travel, Fairs & Exhibitions, Educational packages, International Job placements, Medical Packages, etc.
President – Himalaya Academy of Travel & Tourism HATT (Since 2007) With a motto “Making Nepali a better Nepali”, HATT is established to transfer professional skills practiced in Nepali tourism industry to upcoming youngsters and job seekers through different forms of vocational trainings. The academy has trained many under privileged youths under its CSR schemes, provided internship opportunity and helped them to establish in the business world.
President – Explore Himalayan Travel Inc. Pvt. Ltd.; GSA – Ethiopian Airlines (Since 2013) Established in 2013, Explore Himalaya Travel Inc. is a travel agent providing travel arrangementservices to both inbound and outbound travelers all year round. A recognized travel agent in Nepal, the company is a GSA partner of Ethiopian Airlines, one of Africa’s leading carriers.  
President – Himalayan Pre- Fab Pvt. Ltd (Since 2009) It is a company specializing in making eco – friendly prefabricated homes in Nepal. The houses commonly referred as prefab houses are Light weight, earthquake and fire resistant, made of steel structures and less time consuming to complete. http://ecohomesnepal.com/
Director- Nepal: Racing the Planet International Racing the Planet is an International Organization headquartered in Hong Kong with subsidiary in UK. It organizes endurance based Marathon Races all over the world. It also organized a marathon in the Annapurna region of Nepal from 20-26th of Nov, 2011 which has been participated by 250 runners and 50 media people covering 40 countries. The American Times has ranked RTP events as one of the Top Ten Endurance Races organized globally.http://www.explorehimalaya.com/blog/racingtheplanet-2011/

Other Industry Leaderships:

  1. Executive Board Member-Implementation Committee, Nepal Tourism Year 2011;  Government of Nepal
  2. Coordinator – Product Development Sub-committee, Nepal Tourism Year 2011; Government of Nepal
  3. Vice President – Society of Adventure Tour Operators, Nepal
  4. Member of the Advisory board (Since 2008)-Nepal Tourism Board
  5. General Secretary (2007-2015)- Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN)
  6. Executive Board Member (2004-2006)- Nepal Tourism Board
  7. President (2001-2003), Ex Officio Member as immediate past President (2003-2005), First Vice President (1996-1998), General Secretary (1992-1196)- Trekking Agents’ Association of Nepal (TAAN)
  8. Executive Member (Ex Officio, 2001-2003)- Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)
  9. Board Member (Ex Officio, 2001-2003)- Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management
  10. Board Member (Ex Officio, 2001-2003)- Nepal Mountaineering Academy

Other Professional Involvements:

  1. Director – Himalayan Airlines (2014)
  2. Founder General Manager – Classic Nepal Travel (1994-1998)
  3. Founder General Manager – Himalaya Expeditions Inc. (1990-1998)

Sports & Event Management:

  1. Chief Coordinator – Himalayan Travel Mart, 2017
  2. Chief Coordinator – Racing the Planet, 2011
  3. Planning and Operation Coordinator – “World’s highest Cabinet Meeting at Kalapathar”, 2009
  4. Chief Coordinator – Bear Grylls GKN Everest Mission, 2007
  5. Executive Member – Mt. Everest Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee, 2002-2003
  6. President and Organizer – ‘Sanepa Club’, a community based sports club
  7. Organizer in three events of ‘TAAN Cup’ International football Tournament
  8. Organizer in two events of ‘YY Cup’ International football Tournament


  1. “SuprasiddhaGorkhadakshinBahu 4th” by HM GyanendraBirBikram  Shah Dev in July, 2004
  2. “Tourism Icon” by Nepal Association of Tourism Journalists, 2018
  3. “Life Time Achievement Award” by Gantabya Nepal, a Tourism Publication, 2017
  4. “Tourism Man of the year” by Gantabya Nepal, a Tourism Publication, 2010
  5. “Life Time Achievement Award” for contribution in Tourism by “American Biographical Institute” Institute (ABI) based in the United States in Raleigh, North Carolina, 2008
  6. Honoured by Rayners Boarding School, Kathmandu for contribution in Tourism, 2005
  7. “Nepal Honour” by Everest Foundation in August, 2004
  8. Honoured by Shree Bhairabi Secondary School, Nuwakot, 2003

Project Works:

  1. Founder of the Project, “Development through Tourism” which generates funds to help various Community based projects in Nuwakot district. http://www.explorehimalaya.com/nepal_community_service.php
  2. Founder of the Project, “Each One Teach One” which ensures education for underprivileged Children for their study up to High School level. http://www.explorehimalaya.com/eachone-teachone-project.php


Germany, Italy, Denmark, Netherland, UK, US, Switzerland, Latvia, Russia, India, China, Tibet, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Kuwait, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Macao, South Africa, Ethiopia etc.

Induction Session BHM/BTTM 2019 Batch

A) The induction program is an important component of academic activities where the experts from the field of tourism and hospitality share their experiences and expertise to the newly enrolled students. It helps students to understand the industry better as the experts represent the various segment of tourism industry.
There will be two sessions each day, conducted by two different experts. To appreciate the knowledge and life-earned expertise of the guest speakers, students are informed to follow the below mentioned rules.
-Induction session will take place on 17, 19, 21, 24 and 26 November 2019 at Global College International premises from 06:45 to 11:00 am.
-You should be seated in the seminar hall situated in the top floor of the academic block lately by 06:45 am. So you should reach the college by 06:30. The second session starts at 09:00 am.
-Decent outfit and personal grooming are the key assets of a students. So maintain this all the times. Shorts, slippers, sandals, jogging trousers, head gears, grunge pants are not accepted.
-Your attendance/registration is a must as it contributes to the total attendance percentage. 
-Light refreshments (tea, cookies) will be served at the canteen in front of the academic block, between two sessions.
-You are not allowed to leave or enter inside the hall during the sessions.
-You can ask questions at the end of each session, and the questions should be relevant to the topic of the session.
-Maintaining silence at all the times inside the hall is expected. 
-Group photo will be taken at the end of each session, on the ground.
B) Any issues related to uniform (alteration, collection or measurement can be done on 17 November after 10:30 am.
C) Any issues related to IT should be dealt with the IT section situated in the first floor.
D) For miscellaneous issues, contact BHM/BTTM program office.

Urgent Notice For BHM|BTTM

– The tailor master will come at 12 noon today. If you have any issues regarding uniform please meet him personally.

– If you have not yet submitted the complete set of documents, please submit the documents today.

– If your G suite account is not yet created or have any issues, please contact Dip sir at the IT department, today

– For document submission and miscellaneous issues contact Upashana mam at the program office, today

Required Documents For BHM/BTTM

Dear Student


You are hereby informed to come to the college at 10 am on 12 Nov 2019 for the following.

1. Students enrolled for the BTTM and BHM for the batch 2019 are advised to submit the clear copies (one of each) of the documents accordingly. Please arrange the credentials in the following coherence mentioned below, and attest by yourself before submission. 

– Passport-size colour photograph (not the photocopy)

– SLC Marksheet

– SLC Certificate

– SLC Character Certificate

– Plus 2/A-level Transcript

– Plus 2/A-level Provisional Certificate

– Plus 2/A-level Migration Certificate

– Plus 2/A-level Character Certificate

– Citizenship Certificate

– Passport page no. 2 & 3 (if any)

2. Uniform collection

3.  G suite account

4. Miscellaneous


Program Office – BHM/BTTM

Contact No:  01-4488410

BTTM/BHM/BBA Scholarship/Entrance Test – 2 Result

The following students have successfully passed the Entrance Test held on Saturday, 31st August, 2019. For further Admission process, please contact the Program Office of BTTM/BHM and BBA accordingly. Contact no: – BTTM – 9851039373, BHM – 9851146956, BBA – 9843000841, and GCI – 01-4488410, 01-4465186.
S.No.NameInterview DateInterview Time
1Aadesh SharmaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
2Aakriti AdhikariSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
3Aashish GhimireSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
4Aashray KoiralaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
5Aashutosh MandalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
6Aayush KhadkaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
7Aayush ShresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
8Aayusha PhuyalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
9Abhinav RaiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
10Abhishek BhattaraiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
11Achyet BhusalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
12Alam SiddiquiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
13Amita KhadkaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
14Amrit KumarSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
15Anil ShahSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
16Ankit PradhunungaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
17Anuj Kumar ShahSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
18Anup KhatriSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
19Anushka DangolSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
20Arjun BasnetSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
21Arwin shresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
22Ashma PahariSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
23Ashma shresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
24Asmita KhadkaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
25Ayush PandeySeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
26Ayusha PhuyalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
27Ayusha ShastriSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
28Babina ThamsuhangSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
29Babis PoudelSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
30Baijnath SharmaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
31Barti YogiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
32Bhakta Singh DhamiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
33Bidhi shresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
34Bimsen BalamiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
35Binaya BistaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
36Bindu AdhikariSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
37Bipin KunwarSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)12:00-1:00PM
38Bisheshwor Khadka (BIM)September 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
39Bishnu DhakalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
40Bulit RokaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
41Deepak AcharyaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
42Deepak Raj JoshiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
43Deepesh AdhikariSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
44Deepesh ChaudharySeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
45Deepika ShahSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
46Dhanraj TamnagSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
47Dipak TamangSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
48Dipasha BasnetSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
49Dipesh AcharyaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
50Ekraj MugratiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
51Gagan acharyaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
52Ganesh AmgainSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
53Ganesh AmgainSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
54Gaurab NeupaneSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
55Gaurav RaisailiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
56Indira shresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
57Ishwor ChaliseSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
58Jaya ShakyaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
59Jenisha ParajuliSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
60Jessica GhisingSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
61Jitendra Sharma September 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
62Kajal AcharyaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
63Kapil JoshiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
64Khemraj BudhaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
65Khilaraj TamangSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
66Khum Bahadur KunwarSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
67Kohinoor GurungSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
68Kopila BasnetSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
69Kreepa KafleSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
70Krisha KarkiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
71Krishma SapkotaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
72Krishna KarkiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
73Kushal ChaudharySeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
74Lok LamaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)1:00-2:00PM
75Manisha SapkotaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
76Manisha Thapa MagarSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
77Manjila ThapaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
78Menika BhattaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
79Mitali RajpalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
80Mohanraj UpadhyaySeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
81Nabraj GautamSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
82Nalina Gurung September 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
83Namrata SapkotaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
84Namrta TimalsinaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
85Narayan Pd. DhakalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
86Naresh GurungSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
87Nedra raj JoshiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
88Nikhila NeupaneSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
89Nikita RijalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
90Nikita SharmaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
91Nina shresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
92Nirjala TiwariSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
93Nirmala GyawaliSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
94Nisha GautamSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
95Nishal ShresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
96Pabitra ShresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
97Pawan PathakSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
98Pooja RauniyarSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
99Poonam HonaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
100Prabha ChaudharySeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
101Prabin YadavSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
102Prabina LimbuSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
103Pramesh BhattaraiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
104Pramila RaiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
105Prashamsa NeupaneSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
106Prashiddha ShahSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
107Prekshya JarghoSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
108Priya GahaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
109Priya UpadhyaySeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
110Priyanka YadavSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
111Prkash JoshiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)2:00-3:00PM
112Puja KafleSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
113Pujan HamalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
114Purnima AcharyaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
115Purnima Singh September 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
116Pushkar ShresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
117Raban SijapatiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
118Rabin ShahSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
119Rajan Kumar PrajapatiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
120Rajan MandalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
121Rajeev TamangSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
122Rajendra RokaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
123Rakhshya BajracharyaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
124Rakshya KhatriSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
125Ravi DasSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
126Rechu ThapaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
127Resang sherpaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
128Richa PandeySeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
129Rijendra KhanalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
130Rishi raj DhakalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
131Ritika GiriSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
132Rohit MishraSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
133Rojina KhadkaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
134Ronita SunarSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
135Roshni NepaliSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
136Roshni YadavSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
137Sabin KhatriSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
138Sachita ParajuliSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
139Sadikshya GhimireSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
140Salina NepalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
141Sandesh JoshiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
142Sandesh PanditSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
143Sandip KumarSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
144Sangita BasnetSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
145Sanju GurungSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
146Sansen RaiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
147Sapana SapkotaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
148Sarada SudSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)3:00-4:00PM
149Sarhana SharmaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
150Sarthak BhattaraiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
151Sawshank BasnetSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
152Sayasta AdhikariSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
153Sharada GautamSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
154Shaurav DahalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
155Shialu ThapaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
156Shreetika GadtaulaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
157Shreya BansetSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
158Shreya DakalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
159Shreya shakyaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
160Sita KunwarSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
161Siwani GuptaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
162Smriti KhariSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
163Sneha K.CSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
164Srijan K.CSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
165Subash ChaliseSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
166Subekshya MainaliSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
167Sunil KarkiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
168Sunil KarkiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
169Sunil ThapaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
170Suniti K.KarkiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
171Supriya PandeySeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
172Suraj TamangSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
173Surinder GhartiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
174Susan RimalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
175Sushant KhanalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
176Sushil DhungelSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
177Sushma AryalSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
178Sushmita PoudelSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
179Sushmita ThapaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
180Sweta BhujelSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
181Tilak BoharaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
182Trishna PrajapatiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
183Tulasha BudhathokiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
184Tushar BogatiSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
185Yangchhen Lama TamangSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
186Yansai M ShresthaSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
187Yashish PoudelSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM
188Yuhi AdhikariSeptember 2, 2019 (Monday)4:00-5:00PM

Wait-listed candidates

S.No.NameInterview DateInterview Time
1Sapana BagajiSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
2Usha MagarSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
3Pabitra ShresthaSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
4Astha PradhanSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
5Anoj ShresthaSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
6Sandeep ChhetriSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
7Manoj RautSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
8Rinku AgrawalSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
9Madhu MittalSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
10Sujeena MallaSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
11Nirmala TamangSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
12Ghana Shyam RegmiSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
13Prazzwol KarkiSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
14Supreme PradhanSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
15Deepak ThapaSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
16Saksham DhitalSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
17Milan BasnetSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
18Lokendra ThapaSeptember 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM
19Roshan G.C.September 3, 2019 (Tuesday)12:00-1:00PM

Global Annual Festival (GAF) 2019 starts from June 25

Global Annual Festival (GAF) is an annual event of GCI Business School, organized and managed by BBA BHM, BTTM & MBA and MBA evening graduates under GCI Students Center. The one-week event starting from June 25 to June 28, 2019, aimed to promote bonding, relationship, and fraternity among the students through various activities under the themes of leadership, innovation, and entertainment.

GAF 2019 is the beginning and it will be a remarkable event in developing new ideas, creativity, innovations, leadership, collaborations, and entertainment. GCI Students Center is composed of four centers namely GCI Research Center, Entrepreneurship Center, Knowledge Center, and Social Club. Different activities and ideas from these four centers are the results of GAF 2019.

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Open House Session 2019 for BHM on June 14

Dear Scholar,

Global College announces pre-registration for BBA/BHM/BTTM.

First Open House Session for BHM is on June 14, 2019 (Friday) at 1:00 P.M.

Venue Details: 
Global College International
🏠 Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
+977-01-4465186, 01-4488410
📧 info@gci.edu.np

Faculty Orientation cum Meeting of GCI

Faculty Orientation cum Meeting of GCI was successfully conducted on June 1 in the presence of Prof. Dr. Prem R. Pant, Dr. Khagendra Ojha and Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna.
Prof. Pant, as Chairman of the College Academic Committee, congratulate GCI for launching its courses in management at undergraduate and graduate levels with new orientation and innovative approaches and expressed his good wishes that the college becomes a state of the art institute and the center of excellence.
Dr. Khagendra Ojha, College Chairman, shared the organizational structure of GCI as business and management specialized research-oriented academic temple of learning. He also congratulated the faculty members of all the academic programs in making the right choice, requesting them in joining hands to make a better future for them and the entire human society.
Principal, Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna, promises on behalf of the well-dedicated academic and professional faculty and staff deputed to grooming all the incumbent into an able human recourse; equipped with sound career skills and business leadership aptitudes and advised to follow his E2O policy of Efficiency, Effort, and Output.
Program Directors, Coordinator, Officers including Faculty members interacted with the college management on major topics like research-oriented education, relationships with the university, curriculum design and implementation and so on, especially for bachelor programs (BBA / BHM / BTTM) including A-Level education.
Administration / IT supported the event with logistics and venue setup.
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