Mr. Sulav Bista, Best Leadership Award (2017 -19) Cambridge Learners’ High Achievement Award

From a shy introvert to earning Leadership and High Achievement Award

Sharing Experience:
What impressed Sulav?

– Great information based Website
– Varieties of subjects
– Good counselling 
– Transformation from a shy introvert to a successful leader 
– Event organizer 
– Participation in Students council and more..

Mr. Sulav Bista, 
Best Leadership Award, 2017 – 2019 Batch
Cambridge Learners’ High Achievement Award Psychology, 2018

GCI Organized One-Day Introductory Workshop on Soft Skills Development

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In an academic endeavour to increasing learning dynamism, Global College International ensures all its scholars of Learning by Doing experiences as some of the key tools to changing intellectual level, behaviour and attitude of practitioners that would practically help each learning mind to be consistent, independent and able professional, one who can adapt to and create changes without much difficulty.
Gearing this vision, in reality, GCI organized and successfully conducted A One-Day Workshop focused on developing soft skills which would play a vital role for MBA scholars and business practitioners through their daily academic and professional encounters to succeed.
Program and Procedures
The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Karan Sigh Thagunna, the principal of the college who highlighted the significance and expressed the success of the workshop. The day-long program was mentored by Dr. Dev Raj Paneru, the College Director of MBA-Evening and Arun Paudel who have both worked as a freelance and institutionally certified professional in the field of Business and Intercultural Communication.
The package was blended with lectures, presentations and panel workshops, and as well participant-engaged group and team activities. The activities engaged all participants in self and participated in learning that creates a feeling and rewards the members with experience in real situations. The idea was to enable participants to practice business communication skills in a meaningful manner.
The main activities in a total of 3 modules focused on the development of soft skills that play an essential role in personal and professional life and career. 👉Module 1 focused on developing communication skills. In this, participants were offered with unique insights into business communication. 👉Module 2 focused on developing an effective power-point presentation which helps a professional to understand how to present ‘arena’ so that she/he can feel more in charge of it (confidence, competence, command, and appeal).
Yet to achieve
However, due to participatory contributions that demanded more time than allocated, 👉module 3 that focused on enhancing employability skills could not be entered in today’s workshop and therefore postponed for future.
All MBA-E and MBA Regular students who participated in the program with a fruitful contribution were highly acknowledged and encouraged to continue learning into practice with literature provided and also for further assignment and resources as referred.
Finally, as intended, the workshop with maximized participations, succeeded to convincing how rudimentary components make a big difference in a real business situation which the educated personnel and professionals must learn and be able to deal with for success in business. The Program Director concluded the program with a vote of thanks to Arun Paudel, participants and staff for their whole day support with remarks on the increasing significance of further continuation upon developing soft-skills in daily practices.

Congratulations!!! Sulav Bista, for being awarded the title “High Achievement Award” during CAIE June 2018 session, Psychology.

Congratulations!!! Sulav Bista, for being awarded the title “High Achievement Award” during CAIE June 2018 session, Psychology.
GCI also congratulates to all the CAIE candidates of June and November session of 2018 for their outstanding performance.
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Talk Series-I: “Think Beyond the Box”- Explore Yourself

“Money is not the problem, it’s all about Idea and Passion.” 
Global College International (GCI), Entrepreneurship Center and Knowledge Center jointly organized the talk series “Think beyond the box – Explore Yourself”.

Mr. Rajeev Sharma (Managing Director of Job Dynamics), Mr. Ranjeet Roka (Managing Director of Fresh Farm Nepal) and Ms. Abha Dhital (Co-Founder of Little Things) shared their experience and knowledge about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

All of the speakers share their experiences, ups, and downs in their respective field of work. 
Mr. Rajeev Sharma highlight about the Nepalese job market situation, market need, and expectations from management graduates. 
Another speaker Mr. Ranjit Roka showcase the entrepreneurial life, its unlimited growth potentials, and challenges. He focused on the involvement of educated people into agro entrepreneurship and farming sector and need of educated youth into it. 
Ms. Abha Dhital shares her business model and inspires the audience by showing the possibility and example of success in Little Things. Talk series was moderated by GCI Program Director, Mr. Samir Sharma and concluded that money is not the problem to enter into or do startups, it’s all about idea and passion.

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Talk Series-I: “Think Beyond the Box”- Explore Yourself

GCI Entrepreneur Centre and GCI Knowledge Centre jointly, are going to organize a talk session on the topic “Think Beyond the Box”- Explore Yourself.
The session is scheduled for March 29, 2019, at GCI premises.
Mr. Rajiv Sharma (Managing Director, Job Dynamics), Ms. Abha Dhital (Co. Founder, Little Things) and Mr. Ranjit Roka (Managing Director, Fresh farm Nepal) are the speakers for this session.