Blood Donation 2018

“Blood Donation Will Cost You Nothing But It Will Save A Life!” “If You’re A Blood Donor, You’re A Hero To Someone, Somewhere, Who Received Your Gracious Gift Of Life.” “A Life May Depend On A Gesture From You, A Bottle Of Blood.”

The most awaited philanthropic task “Blood Donation Program 2075” of the year has been successfully concluded at UGSS/GCI. More than 150 donors donated blood which will ultimately save the lives of more than 600 patients. We owe our gratitude to all our loving students, blood donors and Nobel Blood Transfusion Center for their technical support. Last but not the least we owe heartiest thanks to all the social club members for entire management.

Mr. Govinda Narshing KC: Day 2, Session 2

Mr. Govinda Narshing KC first Nepali Executive Chef in the country to receive “Gorkha Dakshin Bahu” (Highest Civilian Award) in Nepal from former King Ganendra Shah in 2005 A.D. not only excelled at his job but also motivating youths of Nation to purse there career in BHM and BTTM sharing his experience from his career, the difficulties he faced the honor’s he received and lot more was a great listening to his words and stories.
Just an hour with him was not enough for the students because the experience and contribution made by him to the industry can never be expressed in words and such a short period of time.
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Ms. Sugarika KC (Miss Nepal 2005): Day 2, Session 1

Ms. Sugarika KC (Miss Nepal 2005) sharing secrets of a good personality and how carrying yourself well, plays a major role in hospitality industry and today’s globalizing world. She also emphasized on how important it is for women to be independent and career oriented, especially in male dominated society. Her journey of life and career is a perfect example to prove that failure is never permanent and there is always a room for improvement in life which will make people a better communicator, more confident, a better competitor in market and basically a better human being.
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Education Tour in different places of India this time in January 2019

Dear Students
We are operating Education Tour in different places of India this time in January 2019. Thus. you are suggested to register your name with the 1st installment by 28th September since we need to arrange the train tickets in advance. We will take around 45 students in this tour so a reservation will be made on first come first serve basis. Please contact in the Front Desk for further details. Thank you.

Global College International
Kamaladi, Kathmandu