Teaching Learning

Global College of Business and Economics opts for a multi-module teaching learning pedagogy like issue-wise case studies, article reviews, business simulation, group works, project works, industry visit, business survey, college competition, oration and so on.  This is full time program for candidates with leadership qualities and good academic record.

At GCI students actively engage in challenges of today’s business with pragmatic approach. Students learn how to make decisions, reason strategically, and understand the dimensions of business problems. GCI offers opportunities to create an individualized program and learn about every area of global business. Our faculties bring real world, real time knowledge to an unparalleled depth and breadth of courses. In each subject students are equally focused in sharpening communication skills, building leadership, developing critical reasoning and analytical outcome. All the students aims at pursuing excellence to create a new, more global and more engaging experience for students. Students become members of different student centers like career club, entrepreneur club, social club, manager’s club, reader’s club and sports club where they participate actively to organize events to develop their leadership quality, entrepreneurship and making themselves accountable to business communities and society at large as a whole.