Teaching Approach

GCI teaching practice is a combination of various techniques such as tutorials/remedial, guest lectures, seminars, conferences, independent works, internship, field works, project works, researches, case studies, presentations, discussions, and many more to suit the needs of the specific course.

Regular Lectures

GCI enjoys a wonderful gathering of intellectuals who enjoy some considerable reputation in their area of expertise. With the combination of highly competent senior professors and young dynamic faculties, the college provides pleasant and regular lectures as per the need of the curriculum along with session plan they have prepared in advance. The most extensively used tool is project based action learning approach.

Guest Lectures

The college regularly manages guest lectures of professionals, practitioners, experts and experienced personalities of various areas to give the exposure of working life, emerging issues in business and economics from home and abroad.

Group Work

The faculties retain full authority to assign in-and-off class group assignments as part of internal evaluation in line with daily lesson-plan based on individual assessments. Groups are assigned special problems on various topics to unfold solutions which are often analytical, survey based, literature review, and assessment types.

Project Work

Data based learning and research works are key components of project works that help them search, compile, analyze and interpret data, on one hand, and design business plans, conduct SWOT analysis and present reports on running programs, on the other. The projects are generally related to banking, finance, industries and trading companies, and other enterprising institutions.

Event Management

GCI provides opportunity to manage events like international/national seminars, conferences, sports, cultural programs and competitive events so that students learn to work with responsibility.

Research Project

Students are required to do an independent capstone research project that involves fieldwork and its empirical analysis. At the end, students must prepare a report of this work in the prescribed format and submit it to the authorized person of the college. The objective of this research project is to develop students’ skills in research, particularly in areas of data collection, processing, analysis, and report writing.