Internship and Placement

Students need to do an internship as approved by the college. Despite of the classroom learning environment internship provide students about the current working scenario in real life. The purpose of internship is to provide students with the real-life, on-the-job exposure and an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in real-life situation. Students’ interest and intended area of concentration are taken into account while making the internship placement decisions. At the end of internship, the students should prepare internship report and present the final project in the class. The Placement Cell at GCI assists students in selecting the right career choices. The cell supports students to get better access for the placement in reputed national and international organizations. GCI provides guidance on career matters from the college advisory board, a three member team comprising of advisory board, human resource professionals from reputed companies. Even after the students graduate from GCI, they can see the guidance of placement cell in advancing their career or for networking.