Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at GCI is a four-year, eight-semester program in management studies and is affiliated to Mid-Western University. BBA program combines practicum courses probably for the first time in the country which is a pioneering effort to blend necessary skills to our students. The total course weight is up to 120 credits including one comprehensive project work of internship and report writing. The program provides diverse academic exposure in a number of foundation, functional, specialization and elective areas including financial management, marketing management, human resource management, international business, entrepreneurship, logistics and supply chain management, cross-cultural management, business modeling and analysis, the venture management and so on.

GCI has adopted some very innovative approaches in running this undergraduate program. The program offers insights and problem-solving techniques about the degrading aspect of the environment that can be connected and combined to the issues and world of business. Right from inception GCI provides a platform to students for the national and international exposure. GCI has anticipated the leadership needs of the emerging economies. It has a vision to educate LEADERS who make a DIFFERENCE in the SOCIETY. To meet the challenges and materialize the opportunities of this era, skilled human resources with global vision are needed. The BBA program at GCI aims at cratering this fast-growing global need of competed and responsible human capital.