Why Cambridge A Level?

  • Flexibility: The structure of the A Level course allows students considerable flexibility in designing a stimulating program of study. Students have the option of choosing either A (Advanced) Level or AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level courses in order to fulfil the Level requirements. Students choose the length and depth of study, which matches their interests.
  • Rigour: Demanding courses stretchable for students to take a heavy course load for an additional challenge.
  • International standards: The programme sets a standard that befits education across the world.
  • Recognition: A Level degree is recognized by countries across the globe as meeting their requirements for entry into higher education.
  • Student-friendly Evaluation: CIE examiner do not believe in negative marking; students can be sure of scoring marks for sincere and relevent attempt in the exams.

Global Preparedness

In a globalized world, careers and job opportunities are no longer confined to national boundaries. We make sure students are exposed to the best international standard of education for their career prospects and research potential. Similarly, students learn various ideas, norms, traditions, and issues of social, economic, and political significance so that they feel comfortable studying or working in different countries.

Excellent Academic and Placement Record

GCI takes pride in the fact that it has produced 5 A level Nepal Toppers in its 5-year-old history. Most of the students have graduated with excellent grades. In addition, our graduates have been offered full scholarship by US colleges and universities like Saginaw Valley State University, Idaho State University, University of Michigan, University of Texas, and University of Mississippi.

Expert and Eminent Faculty

The College is more than anything proud of its teaching staff who are well-qualified and experienced in the field of A-Levels. Young and dynamic, all are master’s degree holders and have taught for more than 7 years at A Levels.

State-of-the-art Facilities

GCI offers students the most modern of facilities ranging from well-furnished and spacious rooms to air conditioners that can be operated even during load-shedding. We also have a world class basketball ground and futsal hall.

Counseling and Individual Attention

Here at GCI, we believe in not only catering to smart and intelligent students but also to enhancing the growth of every student enrolled. From psychological to emotional issues and behavioral to academic performance, we make sure that students are wisely counseled so that they can transform and realize their full potential.

Well Recognized

The College is run by academics and educators who have proven their abilities in various other educational projects namely Global College of Management, Uniglobe College, and Valley View Boarding School that stood first in last year’s S.L.C. examinations.