• To develop an understanding and appreciation of the global dimension of our world and of the skills, values and mind-set needed to practice responsible global citizenship.
  • To provide a local and global dimension in curriculum and pedagogy by offering a blend of nationally and internationally acclaimed, challenging educational programmes, which serve as the best preparation for further studies in the world’s finest universities.
  • To foster global-mindedness through interactions with organizations, institutions and universities from around the world.
  • To encourage exchange programmes in learning, sports, culture, and service to the community so as to promote internationalism, peace and friendship.
  • To build a community of competent and caring educators, with rich experience and multi-cultural perspectives, and reinvigorate them with new methods of teaching through continued professional development opportunities and faculty exchange programmes.
  • To continuously improve the curriculum through regular review and implementation of new technology and pedagogy.
  • To encourage and facilitate adolescents to engage with many social causes for the benefit of the local community, as well as extend support through institutional initiatives