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Career Guidance Counseling

Determination is not enough to build a successful career today and in fact most young people may expect to have at least three distinct careers in their lifetime. Most universities and colleges in United States of America, UK, Canada and European countries are sensitive to this development, making them most interested in students oriented toward lifelong learning. Capacity and motivation lie behind successful learning, and staff and teachers at Global College International are most concerned to play an active and ongoing role in helping students to discover their passions in life and to take appropriate courses that helps them develop creative learning skills, which will sustain them as they pursue higher education.

Both American and European universities are keenly interested in attracting international student placements for scholarships in their programmes. Once again, the staff and faculties at Global College International are familiar with the basic requirements of many universities as well as the more subtle preparatory steps required to qualify for full or partial scholarships.

Should students aim for the top only or take a realistic approach based on their abilities and aptitudes? Again, the faculty at Global College International work hard to help students and their families develop the best higher education plan to ensure that the School’s graduates are strategically placed to pursue successful careers.

Career guidance counseling at Global College International is a comprehensive and sustained process designed to help students and parents make informed choices about higher education. Parental involvement is crucial, particularly in the early stages; to ensure that student abilities and interests are evaluated correctly and matched with appropriate career choices.

GCI is in the process of registering with the Indian, UK, US, Canadian, and Asian universities and colleges to arrange for regular visits by university representatives to the college. Counseling takes place in a number of steps:

  • Subsequent programme and course choices for A Level are oriented toward the most appropriate career options.
  • During the first year of A Level students are coached in how to achieve the best marks possible on the various testing examinations. They are also be invited to listen to the presentations made by various university and college representatives who visit GCI in search of appropriate international students for their programmes. Students are also invited to participate in one-on-one discussions if their career and interest profiles match those of the visiting universities or colleges.
  • Students are prepared for various testing examinations such as SAT etc.
  • During second year at A Level students can write various testing examinations and apply for universities and colleges, which are appropriate for their interests and ability level. Students are coached on how to apply for scholarships to the universities of their choice.
  • While this comprehensive system opens exciting doors for GCI students, the natural ability of students, the programme they are taking and the results on various examinations turn out to be large determinant in strategic placement at any university as well as in scholarship attainment.
  • Students are guided for abroad studies and application in collaboration with experts.

Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling is not a matter of helping when things go wrong for a student; if it is to work most effectively, it is to ensure that things do not go wrong. This means working with students and parents as soon as they enter the college premises. The counsellor helps to identify strengths and weaknesses so that correct choices can be made, of subjects and activities for example, so that each child has his or her own tailor made programme designed to bring out the very best, building strongly on their own particular talents. The college counsellors work closely with teachers and tutors to ensure that no child slips through the net and that parents are kept fully informed of all progress.