Message From the Academic Supervisor

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has been a delighted educational programme as Advanced Level (A- Level) in about 170 countries around the world. It has been a major education stream (equivalent to high school education in Nepal) for more than 2000 students every year.

Global College International (GCI) has been concentrating to international standard education through CAIE curriculum for last eight years. Internationally recognized curriculum with constantly updated syllabus involves students as well as teachers for active participation in classroom activities and beyond. Every student is mentored closely for an optimal exploration of learning different skills which the educational process of A level envisions to develop through students active participation in learning by doing. The lessons are executed with the latest technologies such as multimedia and online systems helping learning through networking.

At GCI, students are frequently assisted by the responsible faculty to facilitate them and to go forward, academically as well as with other activities.  The students are assigned social work to participate in different sports events. Such activities prepare them as an efficient leader. We focus on practicality and guide the students with their strength and admiration. Unrestricted discussions with Academic Supervisor and Coordinator ease them to enhance further recognizing their area of domination.  Besides, we make our best attempts to mediate for GCI students to join renowned Universities in USA and Europe perusing further education on full/ partial scholarship. Even In Nepal, A Level graduates are always in the front line of their mass.

As a matter of fact, we try to shape personality of our students by creating environment for them to participate in different activities beyond classroom teaching. We believe, every human being has a potentiality that we pinpoint through interaction and counselling programs as integral part of our teaching-learning system. Come and visit or inquire about Global College International, you will like it!

Rishav Dev Khanal

Academic Supervisor