Beyond the Classroom…

We at GCI strongly believe that education should not be only about textbook learning and that it should be enhanced with activities that contribute to the social, physical, and intellectual growth of the students. Co-curricular activities are designed in such a way that students will be able to develop the skills and handle the pressure of modern careers. From debate to public speaking and essay writing to recitation, we encourage students to hone their skills of communication in written and spoken English. We make sure that students gain enough confidence to express their understandings and problems in their own words through regular presentations and the aforementioned activities.

Our co-curricular activities are not conducted on the spur of the moment as we strictly adhere to the calendar and they are designed to achieve specific and quantifiable objectives. In fact, we have a clearly defined set of structures in the form of Journalism Club, Debate Club, and Cultural Club to facilitate and enhance students’ research and publication capabilities, argument analyses and presentation, and creative and literary interests. These co-curricular activities conducted on regular intervals make sure that students become the active and avid learners by doing things on their own rather than being just a passive receiver of theoretical knowledge. In short, classroom teaching is put into practice through these activities.

Sports Club

We believe in the fact that a healthy mind is only possible in a healthy body. The extra-curricular activities and competitions conducted by Sports Club allow students to become athletic and problem solvers. As evolutionary biologists point out sports are not just sports but valuable lessons in group dynamics, competitions, survival, and defence. They teach students how to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat—the vital lessons for a healthy life. Besides contributing to their physical wellbeing and health, students are allowed ample opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities like futsal, basketball, table tennis, and cricket, all the while making sure that these activities do not interfere with academic endeavours.

Environment Club

With Environment Club students are encouraged to look at the environment with empathy and devise ways to improve the damages caused by global warming and climate change. Since global warming and climate change have become the most important problems facing our race, students get to know the problems first hand through excursions and fieldworks. Similarly, industrial visits will motivate them to explore the intricate balance between the need for economic development and environmental preservation. It also allows them to see the state of Nepalese industries and see the impact of economic policies firsthand.

Social Club

Social Club allows students to creatively engage in issues relevant to their societies. From visits to old- age homes and orphanages to raising funds for earthquake and flood affected, students gain valuable lessons of empathy and the need to do whatever they can for victims of various kinds. The Club also conducts periodic seminars and workshop on issues of interest ranging from writing to global affairs and international relations to gender and social inclusion. In addition, the Club recommends deserving students for World Affairs Seminar held at The United States of America every year.