Shinawatra University (SIU)

Shinawatra University (SIU), based in Pathumthani and Bangkok, Thailand is one of the emerging private universities in Thailand founded in 1996 by Former Prime Minister Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra and his family-members including current Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra. It is a leading university with focus on the field of Management, Public Administration, Information Communication Technology (ICT), energy Management, Nursing and Liberal Arts. Its campus is considered as one of the best and beautiful campuses among the Thai universities spread on half million square meters of lands. It has residental facilities with 4-star dormitory facilities for its students.

Shinawatra University  (SIU) is a distinctive international university providing top-quality education, which emphasizes individuality, creativity and leadership. Its curricula and teaching pedagogy is designed specifically for those who aspire to be innovative leaders of tomorrow’s business and industry.


“With the increasing trends as economic liberalization, privatization, globalization and emergence of various international and regional organizations like AEC, WTO, SAFTA, BIMSTEC, etc., the economic, business and financial activities of nations around the world are expanding, integrating and unifying rapidly. While this trend has opened up numerous opportunities for trade, industry, commerce, finance, investment, banks etc. for any nation, it is also posing serious challenges to develop its competitive edge over other organizations in the national as well as global markets. In this scenario, the role of business people, entrepreneurs, managers and academicians has been crucial.”

International Degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) at GCI in affiliation with SIU is offered with the objective of preparing managers who are well conversant not only in the various latest managerial concepts, tools, and techniques but also in the applied field of diverse management discipline such as corporate governance, banking, resource management, national and international trades, HRM, tourism and hotel management and similar several areas that they can take up the challenges of leading and managing their organizations by building competitive edge in the national and global context. The program entails multidisciplinary knowledge required to deal with various influencing aspects of management along with the specific subjects such as economics, finance, banking, foreign exchange, insurance, international finance management, and international relation management etc.. The program is endeavoured to focus on dealing with the issues that affect the way business is conducted around the world. It aims to combine instruction, with opportunities to discuss course contents with faculty and students having a wide- range of management expertise and perspective. Project works, term paper writing, presentation, seminars and internship for eight weeks for the practical exposure are the aptitude building academic features of MBA. Students explore new ways of looking at the problems and seek solutions to such problems through intense debate and close interaction among themselves under the watchful guidance of the faculty members.

Besides, MBA (Evening) at GCI is a special university academic program in line with MBA international, focused to supplement the needs of higher education in the field of management studies. The program has been launched with a sole objective to provide individuals engaged in various corporate and business fronts in different capacity as full time professionals an opportunity to fulfil their celebrated dream of receiving accreditation by graduating an international degree in their own homeland. With the objective as stated here, GCI has already started MBA evening program. Students joining MBA evening are full time working staff at various institutions, banks, government and non-government organizations. The program is equivalent to MBA Day in all aspects such as content and procedural criteria, course structure, and approaches including 10 week- internship and thesis work.

SIU MBA: Features

  1. Accredited by ONESQA (the Office for National Educational Standards and Quality Assessment – Thailand) and Commission on Higher Education – Ministry of Education, Royal Thai Government
  2. 93% graduates employed with high salary (2.5 times the starting salary in Public sector in Thailand
  3. 100% of faculty members with doctoral degrees teaching at graduate level and more than 70% of faculty members with doctoral degrees lecturing in undergraduate programs
  4. Students from more than 24 nationalities
  5. More than 25% of the faculty members and students are international
  6. International linkages and exchange programs
  7. Small class size with high-tech teaching facilities
  8. One of the best campuses with dormitory facilities
  9. Continuing development of curricula to match standards of global business practice.