Global College International (GCI) envisions being an internationally reputed learning center that will be recognized for academic excellence in teaching and research in Interdisciplinary studies eventually producing highly competent graduates in leadership, diplomacy and bureaucracy field.


Global College International (GCI)’s BPRD and MIRD Programmes have the following missions:

  1. to develop public policy architects, social scientists, professional; and social leaders through learning friendly, accessible, flexible and innovative academic programs;
  2. to develop international relations graduates who would be able to grasp local, national and international economic, political and cultural  needs and serve accordingly;
  3. to develop leadership graduates who would be excellent professionals  and development leaders  and also be socially very responsible future citizens.


The main objective of GCI’s Masters and Bachelors Programmes in IRD and PRD is to prepare Social Scientists capable of designing a prosper society in changing global environment. GCI’s specific MIRD and BPRD Programmes objectives are;

  1. to develop  social experts at various levels with sound social development  knowledge, skills and values along with positive leadership qualities;
  2. to motivate students in a caring and conducive learning environment to bring out the best in them;
  3. to instill creativity and innovativeness in the students through motivational approaches of personalized nurturing guidance;
  4. to make learning and living at the college a wonderfully pleasant experience for all and develop a strong yet tender bond of friendship and fraternity;
  5. to establish relations with universities and Social Science Research institutes of Nepal and abroad in program enhancement.