About the Program | BBPR

The LBU Bachelor degree in Buddhism and Public Relation (BBPR) Program aims to focus on the theoretical and practical concepts of public relations and public policy in the local and global context. This program shall cultivate young men and women with the qualifications, maturity, attitude, and skills to ensure that Nepal assumes a key role in the sustainable development through authenticated learning and practices in the field of Public Relation and Diplomacy based on Buddhist philosophy. The BBPR Program prepares future social scientists with knowledge and skills to succeed in social, cultural and professional areas to match with the public policy and international contexts. The program emphasizes not only the concepts and course knowledge of public and international relations, but also a solid grounding in the communication skills, quantitative and qualitative decision- making skills, and knowledge of technology to enable them to understand political, societal and cultural contexts.

The BBPR program goes beyond the traditional undergraduate curriculum to develop key leadership  skills in practical research and life-long  learning,  allowing  them  to  immediately contribute to international relation making performance upon graduation.