Resource and Facilities

GCI operates all its academic programs in a cost effective but incomparably well built infrastructure and interiors attired with an A class furnishing decors proffering prolific and congenial learning environment. The college premises are amiable. Students can chose to study references in the library hall attended by the librarians from morning working hours to evening, or have an option to surf internet for electronic sources. Besides, the college ensures all kinds of outdoor as well as indoor sports facilities apart from professional skill enhancement opportunities so as to supplement the needs of refreshing the students while being engaged in their intensive studies.

GCI has uniquely built infrastructure designed as appealing and perfectly facilitated set up. The classroom facilities are incomparable in various perspectives. The classrooms are equipped with the technology as multimedia devices, intra-nets, and Wi-Fi services. The interior finishing and furnishing gives an amazing view to all its class rooms and thus, every décor in the classroom adds to its bench marking quality. The entire sections of the college building such as class rooms, library, labs, offices, seminar halls, and sitting cabins are all furnished with air condition facility, computers with internet facilities and digital resources.

GCI has perfectly managed hygienic factors as cafeteria, water system, sanitation and ambiance over physical environment within the college premises apart from sports, academic and functional aspects as the core managing components.

Intellectual learning demands rigorous mental exercise over unlimited time hours. GCI has ensured fully hygienic canteen facilities extended by well trained professionals who serve the students, college staff and visiting guests with standard food items for breakfast, snacks and main courses. Varieties of local as well as continental menu are served at the canteen at reasonable cost.