The main objective of Global College International (GCI) is to impart international management education so as to prepare professionally competent managers and entrepreneurs who will be capable of handling business and services in a changing global environment.

Therefore, the specific objectives are as follows:

  • to develop management graduates with sound management knowledge, skills, and values along with positive leadership qualities;
  • to provide students with exposure to various tools and techniques in each area of business management in order to make rational decisions;
  • to provide students an understanding of recent trends in the business environment to enable them to lead and manage their organizations with confidence;
  • to motivate students in a caring and conducive learning environment to bring the best out of them;
  • to instill creativity and innovativeness in students through contemporary approaches of personalized nurturing guidance;
  • to make learning at the college a wonderfully pleasant experience; and
  • to establish institutional relations with the universities, management institutions and the corporate world;