Message From The Academic Chair

I am happy to learn that Global College International (GCI), has been set up to offer courses in management at undergraduate and graduate levels in affiliation with Mid-Western University, Nepal.  In view of the socio-economic and demographic shifts, impact of new technology, growth of new business sectors and emerging development needs of the country, the importance of an educational institution with focus on grooming tomorrow’s business leaders, professionals and policy makers to meet the human resource needs of these sectors is especially important.

Business and Management education landscape in Nepal needs some soul searching. It is because economic liberalization and growing globalization of the market economy have had a greater demand for educational institutions to support a creative class of professionals in these areas. To what extent have we stood up to these expectations, demands and challenges are critical questions that require scrutiny.

GCI plans to offer a range of management courses for freshers, working people and entrepreneurs to help them hone their skills. These programs would give the working people a realistic time frame and adequate support to upgrade themselves and have the opportunity to apply what they learn to their working environment.  Beyond the core, students will also be able to tailor their education to meet their goals and interests through a wide variety of skill building and concentration courses. These curricular structures and initiatives would help put GCI on the map and grow in stature. GCI is young and should take bold strokes on the educational canvas. There is enough space for it to draw more.

I congratulate GCI for launching its MBA programs with new orientation and innovative approaches and express my good wishes that the college becomes a state of the art institute and the center of excellence.

Prof. Dr. Prem R. Pant

Chairman of the College Management Committee

Today, Nepal’s business sector makes across transitional socio-economic cultures bringing along new challenges on a pace of globalization with intervening impacts. In the changing scenarios, management academies set to preparing proficient human resources, are of tremendous significance. This is apparent from the important role the institutions have played in supplementing the commercial sector skilled graduates able to grasp new ways and invent approaches as essential to managing globalizing business of the country. Taking the emerging corporate needs of Nepal’s commercial sector into consideration that effectively function at the strength of skilled people to be supplemented by the higher academic institutions, GCI was established within the academic vision of Professional Educators Limited on a commitment to support the very need.

At this juncture, I am once again happy to share that the college team immersed to acquiring its academic vision through commendable undertakings has come up to add on a new management program, MBA-Evening affiliated to Mid-Western University, Nepal that I am honoured to chair. MBA-Evening at GCI is another comprehensive course for the degree of Business and Management in Nepal and its recognition in common with MBA, extends on a combined mode of education; it permits a student both to study and carry out a regular job. Incorporating the diverse principles of business and management bearing both theoretical and practical significance, this program is framed for a quality dissemination. To this goal, GCI anticipates bringing upon a niche with uniqueness upon the strength of efficient teams of academicians and professionals deputed to teach and facilitate the course crafted within the methodical designs of participatory and collaborative teaching and learning approaches. Along with direct supervision from the management team and academic board of the college that I am privileged to chair, you will see my interactive presence on several occasions I come to share my experiences when we bring different trends, issues, and strategies relevant to the study of management into discussions.

I believe our regular presence will be dedicated to engaging you in active learning participation and help you to explore new dimensions beyond the core to tailor the management education on meeting new goals and interests, and not least new skills through concentration courses. These curricular structures and initiatives would help 0each student of GCI on the global front tomorrow and grow on their hunches in self-efficacy.

I congratulate the team for launching MBA-Evening and recommend this program to each scholarly member to experience its innovative approaches. I look forward to seeing you all joining with new zeal and academic enthusiasm to developing the college a center of excellence.

Prof. Dr. Prem R. Pant

Chairman of the College Academic Committee