About Pro-Ed

Professional Educators (Pro-Ed) Limited founded in 2004 as a public corporate company has been ever since dedicated to serving the nation with quality education both at school and tertiary levels. Within the institutional framework of school education and colleges, the company runs different educational programs affiliated to Nepal secondary school education board and national and provincial universities. On corporate architecture, Pro-Ed limited has successfully developed 4 main subsidiaries; Valley View Secondary School and three main colleges known across the country with the brand names Global College of Management (GCM), Liberty College and Global College International (GCI)

The colleges under the ownership and management of the company Pro-Ed Limited run exclusively focused management programs; MBS, BBS, BBA, BHM, BTTM, MBA Day shift and MBA Evening affiliated to TU, PU and MU respectively. These university affiliated Management programs at GCI are dispensed with national and international recognition owing to the quality ensured upon an enhanced academic engineering of the educational, methodological, practical significance which tally upon the 21st century learning values, skills, and aptitudes taking a shaped in tune with a key goal to creating sound professional human resource when graduating.

Pro-Ed, the corporate patron and mother company of these colleges envisions management education aggrandized with a time-relevant quality come to its graduates as an innovative tool and academic channel to successfully participate within the emerging domestic, regional and global job-markets upon the strength of their professional skills, aptitudes, and competences. Geared with this vision Pro-Ed Ltd. has steadily progressed by involving a large number of professionals in its mission of institutionalizing primary to higher educational institutions that ensure learning with quality at par of global standard also keeping along the local social values for the young generations. The corporate objective of Pro-Ed Ltd. is to manage schools, colleges, and research institutions to offer quality education in a disciplined environment keeping the cost at an affordable level. Under the patronage and direct management of most renowned professors and educationists, Pro-Ed Ltd. is all set to produce talented, hard-working and visionary individuals to cope with future challenges.