Talk Series-I: “Think Beyond the Box”- Explore Yourself

“Money is not the problem, it’s all about Idea and Passion.” 
Global College International (GCI), Entrepreneurship Center and Knowledge Center jointly organized the talk series “Think beyond the box – Explore Yourself”.

Mr. Rajeev Sharma (Managing Director of Job Dynamics), Mr. Ranjeet Roka (Managing Director of Fresh Farm Nepal) and Ms. Abha Dhital (Co-Founder of Little Things) shared their experience and knowledge about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

All of the speakers share their experiences, ups, and downs in their respective field of work. 
Mr. Rajeev Sharma highlight about the Nepalese job market situation, market need, and expectations from management graduates. 
Another speaker Mr. Ranjit Roka showcase the entrepreneurial life, its unlimited growth potentials, and challenges. He focused on the involvement of educated people into agro entrepreneurship and farming sector and need of educated youth into it. 
Ms. Abha Dhital shares her business model and inspires the audience by showing the possibility and example of success in Little Things. Talk series was moderated by GCI Program Director, Mr. Samir Sharma and concluded that money is not the problem to enter into or do startups, it’s all about idea and passion.

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Talk Series-I: “Think Beyond the Box”- Explore Yourself

GCI Entrepreneur Centre and GCI Knowledge Centre jointly, are going to organize a talk session on the topic “Think Beyond the Box”- Explore Yourself.
The session is scheduled for March 29, 2019, at GCI premises.
Mr. Rajiv Sharma (Managing Director, Job Dynamics), Ms. Abha Dhital (Co. Founder, Little Things) and Mr. Ranjit Roka (Managing Director, Fresh farm Nepal) are the speakers for this session.

Practical examination of HM Grade XII, NEB @ GCI premises

Practical examination of Hotel Management, Grade 12, Uniglobe SS, conducted by National Examination Board was held in Global College International. Mr. Homraj Ghimire was appointed as the external examiner and Mr. B.B. Chhetri was the internal examiner of the subject. All together seventy-two students participated in the examination. The students were divided into different groups and were assigned with various tasks related to major four departments of a hotel; Front Office, Housekeeping, Food Production, and Food & Beverage Service.
In the beginning, Mr. Samir Sharma, the Program Director and Mr. Roopesh Shrestha, the Associate Director, welcomed the students at GCI; briefed about the college and wished them with good luck for their examination.
Mr. Navniet Verma and Ms. Arina Kunwar escorted students to Dining Park Restaurant & Lounge Bar, a sister concern of GCI, for a short visit. The students were briefly introduced with the property as it is also one of the practical venues for BHM students.
The practical examination was conducted in a peaceful environment. The external examiner was very much glad about the performances, shown by Grade 12 students. These students got a lot much knowledge shared from instructors also. Few students from BHM were selected as volunteers for above-mentioned departments. The BHM students also had fruitful experiences gained with their juniors for having their skills and knowledge exchanged.
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Some of the captured moments of the training session.

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Some of the captured moments of the training session.
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